Sologamy Is A New Wedding Trend That Lets You Marry YOURSELF (Because Why Not?)

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bride in wedding veil

Settling no longer has to be the only option.

No one, and I do mean no one, enjoys the thought of growing old alone with only the occasional company of friends. 

That's why many of us made pacts with our lifelong best friends that we'd get married to one another should we never find anyone else — whether it was as a child or once things started to look a little bleak in the dating game.

Although most people set out to get married for friendship, love, and the many other perks that come along with sharing our lives, we also want to enjoy the fun that comes with planning all the events that allow you to be self-centered and as b*tchy as you'd like. Events where it's allll about you (hello Bridezilla!), like weddings and baby showers.

Of course, it's been possible to have a baby without having a spouse for quite some time, but getting married to yourself hasn't been quite as popular. Until recently, that is! 

(Clearly, the "marriage, then kids" values go out the window when you're a young spinster seeking companionship.)

Thanks to a new trend called "sologamy,"  more and more women are marrying themselves.

The movement has prompted a market for companies such as the Canadian company, Marry Yourself — offering consulting (assuming judgment-free consulting) and wedding photography for just the lucky bride, and there's also a site called iMarriedMe, which believes that sologamy "marriages" are symbolic ceremonies meant to reaffirm your decision to love yourself. 

And while it seems weird at first, the entire idea says "f*ck off, society" and puts away the dangerous social norms that make us feel unloved and unhappy with ourselves if we haven't found someone to sport at the next family gathering. 

Society simply doesn't celebrate our singledom but forces us to join in on celebrations and dish out hundreds of dollars on friends who do decide to get married and have children. But for the rest of us who either never find the "one" or choose not to throw a lavish wedding celebration, it might seem a little unfair.

As Carrie Bradshaw once pointed out: "Where the hell is our prize? Don't we deserve to register for gifts should we never find the one?" 

But it's just as Carrie said in "A Woman's Right to Shoes" episode of Sex and the City: "If you are single after graduation, there isn't one occasion where people celebrate you. ... Hallmark doesn't make a 'Congratulations, you didn't marry the wrong guy' card." 

One bride to be, Erika Anderson, told WUSA 9 (a CBS affiliate): “I would describe [sologamy] as women saying yes to themselves. It means that we are enough, even if we are not partnered with someone else."
And she's right! You can't keep demanding that women love themselves first and then crucify them for being single or make biases about why they may be single. 
As much as I want to get married to someone and would even enjoy keeping my pact to my male bestie, this just seems to be a more solid option. This plan leaves less room for error. You don't have to go through the potential burdens of marriage, and best of all, you get your day, which is something I truly look forward to.

You can get the dream wedding that you've been planning since you were a little girl, without having to worry about everything else.
You can also symbolically remind yourself that you are worth the time, effort and love, and really, that's the most beautiful part of the entire self-marriage sologamy ceremony!