Here's HOW Nice Guys Are Crushing Online Dating, According To A New Study

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Learn their secrets!

Know that whole "nice guys finish last" thing? Yeah, turns out it is total garbage. 

According to a study conducting by the dating site Zoosk (which I have never tried because I do not use dating sites whose names sound like a noise a large human might make getting the wind knocked out of them) has showed that when it comes to crushing the online dating game, nice guys finish first.

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Want some proof? I hope you do, because I'm about to come at yo' ass with all KINDS of numbers!

  • Men who message women back in the same day have a 62% response rate. 
  • Men with the phrase "knight in shining armor" in their profile get 67% more message.
  • Men with the word "thoughtful" in their profile get 66% more messages.
  • Women aged 30 to 50 mention "honest" most often when describing what they want from their perfect match.

These numbers might make the genuinely dispirited nice guy in your life get the boost he needs when it comes to online dating, but frankly, none of this should be a surprise. Nice guys SLAY the dating game! 

Allow me a rant before I explain myself.

Here is my biggest pet peeve in the world (second only to that thing when you slightly overfill a coffee cup, put a lid on, and then a little bit of that coffee gets stuck in your lid and drips annoyingly on your hand, I hate that): men who complain about nice guys finishing last. 

It drives me nuts because, well, it isn't true. If you are nice men and you treat women with respect, women are going to like you. It's just that simple. 

Here's the other reason men bitching about their own niceness bothers me: No matter how kind and respectful you are, not every woman on the planet is going to want to have sex with you, and you know what, captain nice? There's their right! 

Frankly, I think nice guys get a bum rap. Nice is a terrible word! Nice means wearing basic politeness as a mask to cover whatever simmering resentments or seedy agenda you've got cooking beneath the surface. 

When we talk about REAL nice guys, we're actually talking about GOOD MEN. 

A good man is confident, respectful, patient, and treats the women in his life like gems. He doesn't do this because he wants to have sex with all of them.

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He does it because it's the human thing to do. Treating a woman with courtesy, kindness, and respect does not fly in the face of feminism.

If a man holds a door open for me when we're dating, I'm going to smile and thank him and think all the better of him for doing that. Unless, of course, he's doing it because he's trying to reach some total number of niceness points that he thinks will gain him access to my drawers.

If that's why he's doing it, instead of holding the door, he can close it behind himself. 

Good men of the world, take heart! Online dating is a total brutal thing. Hell, online dating is only one arena away from being a blood sport.

If good men are triumphing in the melee of online dating, it has to mean that they are winning the game of life too.