Fox News Calls Autistic Boy A Fragile Snowflake — And Their Apology Is CRAP!

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fox news mocks autistic boy

Have we become a nation that's OK with mocking children?

During an event honoring military families at the White House the other day, Vice President Mike Pence was swinging his arms around and accidentally “bopped” a young boy on the nose.

Rather than just write off the accident, the boy, Michael, followed the VP, got his attention and said, “I think you owe me an apology.” And the cameras caught it all.

While this might have just been written off as a child's gaffe, or maybe even as a heart-stopping moment for his parents, for some, it was an outright awful and audacious move that defied all reason and deserved shame.

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And by some, of course, I mean Fox News contributor Tammy Bruce, who later addressed this apparently egregious breach of etiquette by suggesting that the child was “stalking the vice president,” and that he was a “snowflake” who needed a “safe space” for his poor hurt widdle feelings. Because apparently, our youth today are "too fragile."

Yes, those are direct quotes.

Fox News felt completely at ease airing a segment that attacked children and suggested that those darn kids these days are just too dang delicate to exist in our rough 'n' tumble world.

However, it was only once the boy’s mother came forward and revealed that Michael is on the autism spectrum that Fox quickly backtracked and offered a tepid apology. They suggested that they “never intended to hurt a boy and his mom,” and said that they “had no idea that Michael was on the autism spectrum.”

Okay, so Fox admitted its fault and moved forward. All should be right in the world, yeah?

But hold on a second.

Why was it only wrong for Fox News to mock a child AFTER they find out he had developmental disabilities?

Why did either co-host feel OK suggesting that a child was a “snowflake” — a vicious, politicized insult that has morphed since Trump’s run for the presidency into one of the worst terms a Republican can use to describe someone they believe is overly sensitive?

And to suggest that a child needs a "safe space" — another politicized term used by conservatives to mock and hurt people who might be upset by certain difficult or PTSD-triggering issues — was totally fine before they knew that the boy was autistic.

The hosts’ tongue-in-cheek comment certainly hit its mark, as Michael’s mother felt the need to explain her son’s behavior for these anchors, at which point, they were all apologies.

But neither host of the Fox News show had even one ounce of remorse before they learned of his autism.

What does this say about our country? That we feel OK mocking a child for expressing himself? 

Have we, as a country, become so mean-spirited and eager to cast off someone else’s feelings that we have no problem with two adults mocking a 10-year-old boy on national television?

Michael may have autism, but his expectation to receive an apology after someone hurt him (even by accident) was not “snowflake” behavior. This incident should never have blown into this ridiculous political-themed scandal that “we’re living in ‘different times’” because liberals are giving birth to overly sensitive cry-babies that expect the world to never hurt them.

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Fox News fans, is this the sort of behavior you’d want your own kids mimicking? Would you like to teach them to hurt people and then mock them afterward for being too sensitive?

I hope next time you feel that it’s OK to mock a child — even one without autism — that you imagine it’s your child in that position.

And let me teach you something that my mother taught me about dealing with other people:

“If you don't have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”

And if that doesn’t work for you, then here’s another quote you might recognize:

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

That's one of literally dozens of Bible verses discussing how to be a good person according to the big man himself. 

Before you get offended and mock it though, I'd suggest caution. 

I'm pretty sure you'd upset a lot of people by accusing God of being a snowflake.