Yes, Living The PERFECT Life Is Possible — If You Do THIS

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As women, we often strive towards perfection.

If we're perfect, then we will have a perfect life, find a perfect love, and be perfectly happy.



But what does "perfection" really mean? And is it something we can really achieve?

Senior VP of YourTango Experts, Melanie Gorman, asked a group of relationship Experts for their honest perspective on how the quest for perfection affects us, and if it's ever even possible.

Our Experts — including Rhoberta Shaler, Foojan Zeine, Arielle Ford, and Renee Jain — explain how perfection — real perfection — is not only achievable, but also the key to true happiness and love.

The issue is in how we define perfection. The way we see it now isn't perfection, it's "pure fiction".

We think that perfection means always being happy and having no flaws. We think that nothing "bad" is acceptable, and anything quirky should be hidden away.

Perfection, as we've typically defined it, is harsh in its absolute ways, and truly impossible to live. 

The truth is, we need to embrace the imperfections for us to have our truly perfect life.


Life isn't perfect, and it's made up of a lot more than happiness and rainbows and sugar and spice and everything nice.

Life has sadness, loss, and pain.

Life is that wonderful blend of tears and laughter, joy and sorrow. What makes life perfect is how we choose to see that amalgam of experiences.

Think of this new form of perfection like walking through life wearing rose-colored glasses.

Everything in front of you looks pink and cheery. That doesn't mean you ignore the obstacles, or that they become invisible. They're still there.

But if you only focus on the obstacles, you won't see the beauty around you. 

The same with life. 

Allow yourself to feel sad or angry when something bad happens in life, but don't wallow in those feelings.

It all comes down to balance and a choice.

It comes down to choosing to see the good. 

Looking for the joy and potential in life will allow us to experience the perfection in the world, in our loved ones, and in ourselves.

We know it's hard.

All the negativity in life weighs three times more, and as such, it's naturally easier to find that than to find the good.


But if we start by letting go of how we think life should be going and just live it, we will learn to see the good so much easier.

It's going to take some practice, but your mind is like a mental muscle. Keep flexing it by thinking of the world differently, and soon it becomes easier to do. 

Perfection is all around us — and inside us! — if we choose to see it.

If you need help changing your perception of perfection, seeing the good in your life or are struggling with any other relationships problems, please visit the websites of  Rhoberta, Foojan, Arielle, and  Renee directly. They’re here to help.