The 2 Best Ways To Seduce Your Date, Says Science

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 How To Seduce Someone, According To Science

If you do these two things, you might win them over.

You’ve managed to secure a date. Score! The first hurdle is already over. Now, aside from dying inside over what you’ll wear and how you’ll do your hair, you might be worrying about how to actually take your date to the next level.

While a date in itself is scary enough, when you actually like the person, it makes it even more terrifying. There is now WAY more pressure to get your date to like you back.

Thanks to a recent video by The School of Life, there are now scientifically-backed ways to learn how to seduce someone into an actual relationship with you. Because science always wins.

According to the video, there are TWO ways to properly seduce your date.

1. Accept your flaws.

Ouch. I bet you didn’t expect that. Yes, you are going to have to deal with your own flaws first. Dig around, figure out what they are, and then deal with them, head on.

While this may seem like common sense to some people, others may not realize that it’s a total turn-off to talk about how great you are during a date. It might not be your intention, but bragging about your accomplishments and best qualities can come off as pretentious and self-centered.

Stop trying to sell yourself to your date and let them figure out who you are on the inside themselves. Impress your date by confidently recognizing your own flaws. As the video’s narrator says, “What makes us attractive as a potential partner is the degree to which we can recognize our own failings.”

OK, this doesn’t mean that you should just come out with all of the ways that you suck. This would be kind of a strange thing to do, and could actually be even more of a turn-off. The video gives a great example by suggesting you seduce your date by saying something like, “You know, coming here made me a bit nervous.”

Essentially, you are saying to your date: “Yeah, I’m not perfect. But I’m OK with it. So much so that I’m willing to share my imperfect sides with you with confidence and ease.”

2. Accept your date's flaws.

If you’ve got the first step down, the next is to show that you accept your date’s flaws as well as your own. The video says that in order to learn how to seduce someone, you need to take them off of the pedestal that you probably put them on. While it can come off as super-creepy, acting like you adore everything about your date can also be a turn-off.

According to the video, “It’s deeply worrying to be obviously adored because deep down, most people realize they don’t deserve this intense acclaim.”

When we are honest with ourselves, we know that we have flaws, no matter how great we seem to others. People want their partners to acknowledge their flaws upfront so that they don’t have to worry that their flaws will become a problem later on.

The School Of Life says, “We crave, not adoration, but to be properly known and yet still liked and forgiven.”

I have to agree with these points! It gives me a sense of security that my boyfriend has seen my crazy, my lazy, my inadequacies, and my failures. Actually, he’s seen twelve years worth of them but somehow manages to love me anyway.

Watch the full video below: