The Truth About Who Will REALLY Be Hurt By Trump's New Healthcare Plan

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What Is Trump's Healthcare Plan and How It Affects YOU

It's personal.

Hey, it's me, Liza. You may know me as Liza Walter from the various articles I've written here on YourTango.

I write personal stories, news stories, and sometimes gather some pretty funny memes to lighten the mood.

But I'm not just a name on a website that you sometimes read during your down time. 

I am a real life person behind this computer screen.

I have a family: a blue-collar husband who works late hours so that we can put food on the table in our home; a 6-year-old little boy who has autism and complications from autism that just last year, had him in the hospital for a week after a seizure that could have killed him; and then there's me, Liza, who suffers from a litany of mental health issues that were born from trauma and abuse throughout my childhood and adult life.

What does this have to do with Trump and his new health care policy that was passed in the House by Republicans?


Under the ACA (Obamacare), pre-existing conditions were not an issue.

I'm in no way saying that the ACA was perfect because I myself had experience trying to get healthcare for a relative and found myself wanting to bang my head against the computer monitor. 

But it saved lives—many lives, those of adults and babies.

Under Trump's new health policies, insurance companies can deny coverage based on a pre-existing health issue.

I know when we hear that, we think of all the big things like cancer, multiple sclerosis, or even HIV.

But for some reason, one that I haven't been able to understand yet, the list of pre-existing conditions run far deeper than just the major illnesses that affect everyone at some point in their life, whether it be themselves or a family member.

Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown tweeted out a truncated list of conditions that will be considered "pre-existing" and because of that, insurance carriers can either deny you or charge you a severe penalty.

I can't imagine that anyone reading this isn't affected by one or more of these conditions, or maybe someone you love is.

This isn't something we watch on a news channel, shrug off and move on to a comedy show.

This is real.

This is personal.

This affects my family.

This affects your family.

But wait, it doesn't end there!

Have you been raped? Pre-existing condition!

Have you had a cesarean section birth? Pre-existing condition!

According to The New York Times, essential healthcare coverage including maternity care, emergency services, and preventative care will now be (when the bill officially passes the Senate) handled by the state and whatever standards they adopt.

Is your state broke? Too bad for you!

But if you're a man with erectile dysfunction, you're in luck!

How is this OK?

How can those who voted for Trump stand by and cheer for this new bill that will, essentially, kill healthcare for millions of people?

Human beings, regardless of what you net in your paycheck, regardless of whether you've been RAPED (because you know, that's not exactly voluntary), regardless if you've had a cesarean section that might have saved you and your baby's life, have the right to affordable, accessible healthcare.

Just as you, the person reading this, is real with feelings, loved ones, and illnesses you didn't ask for, so are the millions of other people this new healthcare will affect.

We need to resist.

We will resist.

The odds are not in our favor, but that hasn't stopped American's from winning wars before. And this is war.

This is a war against women's rights.

This is a war against human rights.

We will prevail because we have to.

I have to, for my son who didn't ask to be born with pre-existing conditions.

I have to, for myself who didn't ask to be raped, abused, and sickened by the events that took place in my life.

I have to, for YOU.

And I will fight for you, as I hope you fight for me.