7 Expert Tips On Sex, Attraction, Intimacy and Love EVERY Woman NEEDS To Hear

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It all makes so much sense!

Whether you're a full-time mother or CEO of a large company, navigating relationships, love, sex, family and even just life in general, can be hard!

In our latest Expert video, Expert love and sex coach Lewis Brown Griggs — of "Beyond Our Sight" fame — offers seven of his best tips on all things relationships. There is something here for any woman, no matter her stage of life!

1. Yes, a hook-up or FWB situation CAN lead to true intimacy.

When it comes down to it, sex is a deep connection between two people.

True, both can decide to leave it at a purely physical connection. However, it's just as easy to turn it into something lasting and magical.

The key to making FWB or casual sex into a real relationship is to take sex off the table for a little while and make sure neither has power over the other. 

What that leaves is intimacy (not just of the sexual nature) and when the intimacy between two people grows, it leaves only room for love.

And when love is involved, well, you'll see how magical your love-making can really be.

2. Attraction requires you to go beyond the superficial.


Okay, this might seem obvious on the surface. But this doesn't mean just looking past a man's looks. 

Yes, physical attraction is important. After all, you want to be with someone you desire, sexually.

But see who he is in his soul (hence the word SOULmate). Look past how he acts and see who he is.

Because the physical attractiveness will always fade, but your souls' connection can truly last.

3. Understand that less is more, even with it comes to sex.

Sometimes, he's not in the mood for a kiss, a cuddle, sex (yes, even sex!). And that's ok.

Give him the space he needs.

That period of time might be a minute, or it might be a day.

But by honoring his needs — the same way you would want him to honor yours — you will get back the love, trust, and sensuality 10x more in return.

4. Be willing to make compromises, but also hold your own ground.


If you love to dance and he loves sports, neither of you should give those things up!

Go to a game (either playing or watching) with him every once in a while, and he should take you out dancing sometimes.

It's equally as important to find time to do it yourself, however, and to let him have time to do his own thing.

It's that kind of balance that will allow your relationship to thrive.

5. Monogamy is the right choice.

Yes, monogamy or polyamory is a choice, and like all choices, there are benefits to each.

But if you're looking for a deeply intimate relationship, a relationship full of love and trust, Griggs insists that monogamy is the only way to go.

6. A mother's love is different from all other loves, but that doesn't have to diminish other loves.


Different does nor mean better or worse. But nothing can compare to being a parent.

And for that reason, there is no reason to compare the love you have for your husband to the love you have for your child.

It's not a competition, and loving your child will NEVER deplete your love for your partner. 

7. The most important thing to remember in any relationship is that everyone is different.

That means every person has different triggers and different reactions.

Just because someone's words or actions trigger you doesn't mean they are the cause of what's bothering you.

For a truly happy relationship, remember to release the other person from your projection that they are the cause of your problems or bad feelings. Likewise, they cannot be your salvation.

At the end of the day, the only one that can help you through it yourself.

Lewis Brown Griggs is a Personal Relationship Coach in San Francisco. You can learn more about him and request a free coaching session via his Lewis Brown Griggs Personal Coaching page on Facebook.