What Guys Notice About Women Instantly (It's Not Just Boobs)

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what guys notice about women

Well, mostly boobs — but other more surprising things too!

Men are very visual creatures when it comes to attraction.

They just are. 

Are there men who don't judge and gauge their attraction to a woman based solely on her looks? Sure. 

But whether or not they admit it when a man first lays on you, there are things he is noticing about you, and they can inform you if he likes you. 

I mean, this is why boob jobs, sports cars, and giant watches will always be in fashion: Men are basically just magpies who are drawn to big, sparkly (and in the case of boobs) jiggly things. 

So, being a veritable crusade when it comes to love, sex, and dating, I decided to ask what it is that guys notice about women instantly, and to my great surprise (when I granted them SO MUCH anonymity) they were happy to open up. 

The verdict? What guys notice about women instantly is surprising and ... not so surprising (read: boobs). 

But enough out of me, let's let the anonymous men of the internet who deigned to weigh in on this one take it away! 

Okay dudes, what's the FIRST thing (or things) you INSTANTLY notice when you see a woman for the first time?

"Man, it depends so much! Whatever's most prominent when I see her, it could be her voice, clothes, hair, makeup, what she's saying, her weight, breasts or ass, or shoes. The first thing that's likely to be an indicator of my actual interest is her eyes and smile."

"What she's talking about, and her saucy, sexy, or funny aspects to her personality."

"Different things catch my attention about a woman: her voice, her tattoos, what she's reading, a pretty face, a woman who looks small and breakable, her "slutty" clothing, her costume-like clothing, her piercings, and probably sometimes the traditional stuff like butt, legs, or breasts."


"Probably hair, then eyes. If they're talking, their laugh."


"Her boobs."

"Her outline silhouette."

"Her hair."

"Her smell."


"Wedding ring!

Her figure; breasts and behind."

"Hair, face shape ... uh ... breasts, and a cute tummy (if present). Assuming I am just looking at a woman and not being introduced to her. I guess even then the 'first things' I notice are still going to be physical, but with the addition of general vibe/approachability, and also trying very hard not to look at breasts."

"If a woman has glasses I'm immediately interested in her. Not just because it suggests that her eyes have been degraded by looking at books and screens (two things I am very into), but it means she won't be able to see how fucked up my dick is if she takes them off. The longer I can hide my fucked up dick, the better. I'm also looking at her reflexes. Is she fast? Can she handle herself in a fight? These are important. If I like a girl, I'll just throw stuff at her without warning. If she swats it away, I'm definitely interested. If it hits her in the face, I'm still interested but in a different way."

"Hair, eyes, breasts, figure — order differs based on most prominent features. IE, brightly colored hair or a very low-cut blouse with prominent cleavage would stick out and draw first attention."

"Body type (height and weight), followed by facial features and structure, followed by fashion."

"Approximate age."