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How Much Of An Emotional Psychopath He Is, Based On His Zodiac Sign

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emotionally psychopathic zodiac signs, emotional psychopath

Would you knowingly date someone who was dangerous to you? We all like bad boys because they’re hot and exciting, but while they might not be the most practical choice, we know what we’re getting into.

However, if you’re dating an emotional psychopath, you can have no idea how dangerous they are to your mental health and sense of well-being. And though a horoscope can advise you against getting involved with these people, it can be easy to become attracted to emotionally psychopathic zodiac signs.

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Emotional psychopaths, narcissists, and sociopaths are very similar and are personality disorders. They share many similarities but none of them care if their behavior affects you in a negative way — their only concern is for themselves and their own needs. 

At first glance, emotional psychopaths seem charming and fun. They want to draw you in and make you feel special that they chose you. Their attention seems like a wonderful gift, and by the time you realize that you’ve been manipulated, you’re in deep.

Emotional psychopaths do many things to keep you under their control. They isolate you from your friends and family, they use emotional blackmail to keep you passive, and they use their mood swings not as a method of communicating their true feelings but to keep you feeling as if you can’t trust your own instincts and that at any second you’re going to make a wrong move.

You never feel secure or that you have a stable foundation underneath your feet. They want you to feel unbalanced.

There’s no way to predict when an emotional psychopath is going to blame you for something that usually you had nothing to do with. If they got caught in a rainstorm, it’s your fault. You can try to defend yourself but it doesn’t matter to them; you’re guilty without a trial.

Rarely do they say anything that’s honest or true and they’ll twist the words you say to whatever suits their narrative. While you can’t predict if someone is an emotional psychopath purely from their zodiac sign, there are some zodiac signs who have a stronger prediction towards it.

So, here's how much of an emotional psychopath is he, all based on his zodiac sign.

ARIES isn't much of an emotional psychopath.

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emotionally psychopathic zodiac signs

Aries are too wrapped up in their own lives to spend any extra time and energy manipulating someone else. They're too brutally honest to use their words in a way that manipulates another person.

They tend not to hold things against people and they're too impatient to play any kind of waiting game even if it benefits them.

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TAURUS is very unlikely to be an emotional psychopath.

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emotionally psychopathic zodiac signs

Taurus may keep their feelings buried deep, but they'd never use them in a way that would damage other people. Taurus tend to be loyal and steadfast and would never abandon someone when they needed them the most.

They do like to spend time at home but they'd never outwardly discourage you from leaving the house nor would they discourage you from needing other people.

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GEMINI definitely could be an emotional psychopath.

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emotionally psychopathic zodiac signs

Geminis are extremely versatile, adaptable, and easily bored. They're extremely charming and have a natural gift at getting what they want from people; they have charisma for days.

One of the personality traits that they share with emotional psychopaths is inconsistency, as you never know who which side of Gemini you're speaking to.

One minute they're having fun, and the next, not so much. They know how to take your words and twist them so they become evidence against you and some perceived faux pas you've committed.

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CANCER isn't usually an emotional psychopath.

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emotionally psychopathic zodiac signs

Cancers are too raw and honest with their feelings and they have a healthy respect for the emotions of others. They'd never use your emotions against you. Emotional psychopaths lack empathy which is a quality that Cancers have an abundance of.

Cancers treasure the people in their lives. They'd never want to do them harm — they'd harm themselves before they'd do something damaging to someone else.

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LEO has the potential to be an emotional psychopath.

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emotionally psychopathic zodiac signs

Leos are spectacular individuals and are happiest when they're front and center. Like emotional psychopaths, Leos crave attention but aren't as generous in giving it. 

Leos share with emotional psychopaths the fact that they're happiest when someone is complimenting them. Everything is all about them, even when it seems like it's not. They can tear you down with condescension to build their own selves up.

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VIRGO has a strong likelihood of being an emotional psychopath.

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emotionally psychopathic zodiac signs

It may come from the fact that Virgos are extremely smart and can be hypercritical that they are the sign most likely to be an emotional psychopath. It's difficult for Virgos and emotional psychopaths to show their remorse, and they'll put a spin on any manipulative thing they've done and make it seem as if it was for your own good.

If a Virgo is an emotional psychopath, they'll rarely apologize. And before you even realize it, they will break you with their manipulation and make you feel less significant than you are.

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LIBRA isn't a likely candidate for being an emotional psychopath.

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emotionally psychopathic zodiac signs

Life is out of whack when you're manipulating people for your own gain and, if anything, Libras like their life to be as balanced as possible. They don't want to use people and they'd never use something you did against you.

While it may take them a long time to admit when you've hurt them or done something wrong, they'll eventually let you know and would never use the information as emotional blackmail. Libras want justice, even if it comes at a price; emotional psychopaths think only of themselves and what they need.

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SCORPIO is very likely to be an emotional psychopath.

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emotionally psychopathic zodiac signs

We're not saying that all Scorpios are emotional psychopaths, just that some of their personality characteristics match those of emotional psychopaths extremely well. When someone does something to a Scorpio that they don't like, they'll hold on to it forever and that's not just hyperbole.

They're smart enough to use your weaknesses, your mistakes, and even the parts of your personality that you try to hide, and they're able to justify their own behavior. They want your full attention and will work to isolate you so they get it.

In other words, Scorpios, like emotional psychopaths, are master manipulators, but to them, they're not making people do something that they don't want to do, they're just being passionate about getting what they want. It's been said that Scorpios with addiction issues are the worst when it comes to emotional psychopaths.

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SAGITTARIUS has it in them to be an emotional psychopath.

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emotionally psychopathic zodiac signs

Sagittarius is known for their sense of humor and it's great having the ability to laugh and to make others laugh. But one of the traits of an emotional psychopath is a very dark and unkind sense of humor.

If a Sagittarius is always making others the butt of the joke and having no remorse about embarrassing them, then they could be an emotional psychopath. Also, when a Sagittarius is a habitual liar, it's a sign of an emotional psychopath and it makes having a stable relationship with them impossible.

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CAPRICORN doesn't have the makings of an emotional psychopath.

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emotionally psychopathic zodiac signs

If a Capricorn was an emotional psychopath, they would have had to experience such trauma that it changed every single thing about their personality. Capricorn individuals are honest, practical, loyal and tend to not manipulate people for their own gains.

Capricorns aren't going to blame you for their own mistake, they'll take full responsibility and they aren't about breaking someone down but building them up. They're all about strong foundations, trust, and dependability — everything that an emotional psychopath works against.

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AQUARIUS has what it takes to be an emotional psychopath.

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emotionally psychopathic zodiac signs

Who better to use your feelings against you than the sign that's notoriously uncomfortable with emotions? Aquarius lack empathy, which is a common trait among people who are emotional psychopaths.

If you're in a relationship with an Aquarius and you've had issues — if they haven't shown any compassion or vulnerability — then you need to be concerned. If you can add in some other traits, such as if their charm level has dissipated over time or if the romance in your relationship is almost completely gone, then it's a strong possibility that you're involved with an emotional psychopath.

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PISCES is very unlikely to be an emotional psychopath.

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emotionally psychopathic zodiac signs

Pisces are so caring and sensitive, it's much more likely that they'd fall prey to an emotional psychopath than be one themselves. Sometimes Pisces individuals can get so lost in their fantasy world or doing good for others that they don't even realize they're being manipulated.

It's not difficult to make a Pisces think that they're always to blame and when an emotional psychopath starts to list all the ways that Pisces has messed up, the Pisces person will accept it. If an emotional psychopath isn't there when Pisces needs them, Pisces will work to justify their absence. Pisces are in danger when it comes to the emotional psychopath and they're very rarely one themselves.

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