5 (Healthy!!) Reasons You Should Definitely Drink More Beer

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5 Surprising Reasons Why Beer Is Healthy

Bottoms up!

By Jenny Sugar

By the end of the week, we don't blame you for wanting to kick back with a cold one. Enjoying a beer not only relieves stress from your busy life, but it also offers some physical health benefits.

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1. It reduces risk of heart attack
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A recent Swedish study showed that women who drank one or two beers a week (no more) had a 30 percent lower risk of having a heart attack as compared to heavy drinkers or those who didn't drink beer at all. That's worth ordering a bottle!

2. It strengthens bones
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Beer has also been shown to strengthen bones. Just be mindful that more than two beers a day can have the opposite effect. Most of us aren't thinking about osteoporosis, but if drinking a beer can decrease your chances of hip fractures later in life, your older self will thank you for popping open a can.

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3. It protects against diabetes
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If you're worried about type 2 diabetes, moderate alcohol consumption (no more than one a day) can protect you against this disease.

4. It offers antioxidants
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If you've heard that Guinness is good for you, you'd be right! It contains immune-boosting antioxidants and can also improve your memory. Dark beers also offer a small dose of iron.

5. It's being formulated for fitness
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Sometimes you crave a cold one after a long, hot workout, but the calories and carbs can feel counterproductive. There are two "fitness" beers now on the market. An online nutrition store in the UK has created Barbell Beer, which is low in carbs but offers a hit of protein. Or you can recover with Lean Machine Ale, a Canadian low-carb brew fortified with electrolytes.

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This, of course, isn't a license to inhale a six-pack. Moderate and responsible drinking should always be on your mind so you can avoid a nasty hangover. And if you're worried about weight gain, check out this list to see which beer has the fewest calories.


This article was originally published at PopSugar. Reprinted with permission from the author.