4 Depressing-But-True Reason Women Are Always Blamed For Affairs

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Women aren't always the bad guys.

The biggest marriage to publicly dissolve lately is that of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. This comes as no surprise to people who pay attention to such things.

These people have been whispering about Angelina the homewrecker for twelve years ever since she became involved with Brad Pitt while he was still married to Jennifer Aniston. The two met while filming the movie Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Although they claimed that nothing ever happened between them until Brad and Jennifer had publicly announced their split, no one really believes it.

This brings the question of why women are always the ones blamed when an affair happens.

Yes, there are many situations that come about due to the relentless pursuing by women of men that they want. However, it is time to start investigating this particular phenomenon as men are just as at fault as the women.

What people have failed to understand is that married/attached men are the ones in the extracurricular relationships and should bear as much responsibility as the women. When the men are married and the women they are with are single, that shows that the women have not cheated, lied or broken any vows. These married men are the ones who do all of those things.

So, why is it that women always come out as the bad guy? Here are 4 major reasons.

1. For some reason, it's easier to blame the women.

When you don't know the women involved, it is a lot simpler to call her every ugly name you can think of and not feel guilty about it. On the other hand, if you do know her, you feel even more justified to call her out on her behavior. It is always easier to blame someone that you are not emotionally attached to.

2. Women want to believe their partners.

If you have ever been "the other woman" you most likely are familiar with all the lies that men tell their wives. They do this because, while they might like to play around, they do not want to lose their wives.

So many women believe that a man cannot help but submit to a seductress, that they are more than ready to forgive their men. They even believe that these men had no choice but to cheat and he walks away as a victim. The wives are not interested in hearing the side of the other woman.

3. These women have broken "the girl code."

This is the unwritten rule women have that forbids them to chase someone who is already involved. Whether you know the other woman or not, she has broken the girl code and cannot be trusted. Of course, all of the blame goes on her.

4. It's too painful to place blame on the men.

Cheating can happen at any point in a relationship whether it is dating, living together, or even being married. However, it is easier for many women to blame the other woman because it is too embarrassing and humiliating to believe that they were not enough to keep their men at happy at home.

There are too many women who fight over their "property," which can take blame for the situation away from the men.

Something that should be remembered is that the men are the ones in a relationship and they should be held to blame. If a man is truly happy and committed to his relationship, he will not be able to be tempted no matter how enticing the fruit might be.

It might be important to see these women in a positive light. They might help you realize that your relationship is in trouble, which helps you fix the problem before it gets worse.