8 Things An ACTUAL Nice Guy Will Never Do If He Really Likes You

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nice guys

Because actions always speak louder than words.

It used to be a good thing when someone called a man a "nice guy". 

Nice guys don't just open the car door for you, they really listen when you talk about your day. A nice guy buys you a messy bouquet of daisies just because. They spend Sunday afternoons playing checkers with their grandmothers and actually enjoy themselves. 

It used to be the case that a "nice guy" was the kind of man you wound up marrying, presumably after you had a lot of fun with some very bad boys. 

Every man wants to think that he's a nice guy, but not all of them are. Feminists have coined the phrase "Nice Guy TM", to describe a man whose "nice" deeds are only ever done in the hopes of receiving sexual favors from a woman in return. 

If you think you might be dating a not-so-nice guy, check our list below for the eight things a REAL nice guy would never, ever do. 

1. Complain when you're busy 

If someone likes you, of course they want to spend time with you. But a real nice guy understands that you have a life of your own to live, and that means you can't be with him every second of every single day.

A real nice guy gets it, moreover he expects you to have a life that's separate from him. A not-so-nice guy views your time as his right. 

2. Trash talks his exes 

A true nice guy is circumspect when he talks about why a past relationship stopped working. He might harbor feelings of anger or resentment towards an ex, he might even feel like she mistreated him, but he'll never drag her through the mud or call her "crazy" when he's talking about their shared past.

If a guy trash talks every single one of his exes what's to stop him from doing the same if you two don't work out? 


3. Tell you he's a nice guy 

Real nice guys don't need to tell you that's what they are. They show you, in a myriad of tiny, thoughtful ways.

A not-so-nice guy uses his nice guy status to remind you of what you're missing if you reject him. He wears his nice guy status like a security blanket. It's a delusion. Niceness is action, not just words. 

4. Berate you for rejecting him 

Rejection is never fun and it's never easy. Putting your heart on the line only to have it handed back to you takes a lot of inner strength.

A real nice guy knows how to bow out gracefully if you tell him that you don't want to go on a second date. A not-so-nice guy gets mad, and blames you for stupidly missing out on the best thing you might ever have. 


5. Act like a different person online 

We spend a lot of time interacting with our loved ones online, that's just how things are.

Some not-so-nice guys might know how to behave in public, but that doesn't translate into proper conduct on the web. A not-so-nice guy is quick to undermine the opinions of others, takes general statements as personal attacks, and in worst case scenarios uses the internet as their forum for venting their not-so-well-hidden anger and frustration with the world. 

6. Blame bad boys 

In addition to blaming you for being too dumb to realize how great he is, not-so-nice guys also love blaming so-called "bad boys" for your lack of attraction to them.

Not-so-nice guys don't understand that a direct, honest, communication of attraction doesn't  make a guy bad, it makes him decent. You know what IS bad boy behavior? Pretending to be our friend in the hopes of one day "tricking" us into your bed. 


7. Whine about the friend zone 

Not-so-nice guys play the long game. Rather than express their romantic feelings honestly, they hide them and pretend to be a friend and system of support.

The problem here is that sometimes they succeed in the last thing they intended: building a real friendship. There's no such thing as the friend zone, there's just friendship, and it's just as valuable as a romantic relationship if entirely different.

A real nice guy knows this is true and doesn't undermine it. 

8. Act like he deserves a reward for basic decency  

A nice guy sees a woman passed out on her bed, covers her with a blanket and turns the light off. A not-so-nice guy may do this, but on his way out is thinking, "I'm such a nice guy for not raping her while she slept".

That's not nice, that's common decency, do not REMOTELY get it twisted, dude.