Love Is Action — Everything Else Is Just Words

Photo: WeHeartIt

For real though.

We all want to believe the best in people.

No one wants to think that their boyfriend lies or that their best friend can’t keep a secret. But nobody’s perfect, and people hardly ever do what they say they’re going to do. 

I know I’m sounding hella pessimistic over here, but when I think about how many guys actually did all the wonderful things they told me they were going to do for me, the number is staggeringly low. 

Like, zero. 


More times than not, plans are canceled, promises are broken and expectations are never met. Again, nobody is perfect, and this really only becomes a problem when we place too much importance on the things people say. 

If we took words for what they are — a.k.a just words — we’d free ourselves up from the emotional disappointment that happens when actions don’t match up. 

When a guy tells you that he’s going to take you out on a super romantic date, smile and expect nothing. Instead of getting all hung up and excited, watch his actions. 

Trust the effort he shows over the promises he makes. 

Don’t expect someone to be there until they are really, physically there. 

Doing so will not only keep you from falling for guys who will never make an effort for you, but it will also put control of your happiness into your own hands. You don’t hold onto people's promises because you’re not waiting around for magic to happen. You are the magic. 

You’re not wasting your Friday night on a guy who said he wanted to hang out unless he texts you on Friday and says “I’m picking you up at 6 p.m.” And even then you have a backup plan ready until he is at your door at 6 p.m. 


It may sound a little negative, but it’s better control your time than to give it freely to people who have yet to prove they deserve it.

Sure, the more you get the know someone, the more you can trust what they say, but don’t give someone you just met that privilege. 

You deserve someone who will follow through.

You deserve someone who will show up when they say they’re going to show up.

So prove to yourself that you’re not going to accept anything less — and then don’t accept anything less.