If He Treats You Like Sh*t, He Doesn't Love You (Let Him Go!)

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Love, Heartbreak

Don’t get it twisted.

Women love to decode shit. 

Text messages from the guy we’re dating — or would like to be dating — are typically analyzed by our friends, coworkers and mothers. We search so much for the meaning behind a few simple words that the original meaning itself is probably often lost. 

Our obsessive need to “figure out what he really means,” is just another way to avoid the obvious, but hurtful truth: he’s just not into you. 

Most of our nonsense is because we’re terrified of rejection.

We’ve been fighting against the idea that we’re not good enough for so long that the thought of finding real evidence to back that up is too scary to bear.

It’s scary enough that we’re completely willing to make up back stories and scenarios so we never ever ever have to hear the truth. 


While this is all understandable and something the majority of women have done, it can hold us back. It can keep us in situations that are toxic and even more harmful to our self esteem than just admitting that the guy isn’t into us. 

We don’t have to have an army of interested men behind us (figuratively, c’mon now) to be considered enough. Hell, we don’t even have to have one. 

When a guy treats you like he doesn’t really care about you, it means he doesn’t care about you. 

Now if you’re so far gone in your own romantic delusions that you sincerely don’t know what to signs to look for (been there), look for these. 

If he doesn’t text you until late at night, he doesn’t like you (or has someone else he’s occupying during daylight hours). 

If he never takes you on an actual, real life date (like in public), he doesn’t like you. 

If he never remembers anything you tell him, he doesn’t like you. 

If he’s constantly staring at his phone instead of your face, he doesn’t like you. 

If only tells you that you’re pretty when he’s drunk, then he doesn’t like you. 

If he does anything outside of how you treat him, than it’s probably safe to assume he doesn’t like you. And once you figure that out, you should let go immediately. 


It’s not worth your time to chase after someone who’s probably just using you for sex. You deserve a guy who’s going to take the time to treat you right. But until he comes along, you need to learn how to treat yourself right. 

And the first step in doing that is getting rid of anyone in your life who doesn’t.