What The New Moon And Solar Eclipse In Virgo Means For YOU

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New Moon & Solar Eclipse in Virgo: The Chance of a Lifetime
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On Thursday, September 1st, everything will change.

"If you want it, go for it. Take a risk. Don't always play it safe, or you'll die wondering."

September is eclipse season, and this is just the beginning of the magic that this month has in store, if only we are willing to do one thing: take a chance.

There are certain times in life where our entire direction can be changed by one single decision.

The stage has been being set for this month for quite some time — a few years to be exact. Beginning in 2012 when we had the first Uranus-Pluto Square that broke apart our old way of living, we have been learning how to navigate life on our terms.

It's been a rocky and sometimes uphill journey, but for each of us there has been the necessary lesson between living a life that is expected of us versus one of our own design. Yet the time has come for that one final push, that one last chance to prove just how far we have come.

And now with both the new moon and solar eclipse in Virgo, we are being given the gift of not only having a new beginning, but of knowing exactly how to go about doing it right this time.


Virgo is the earth maiden; the sensual goddess who enjoys taking her time to do things properly. While sometimes this energy can feel cumbersome, the truth is that right now we need her influence to help direct us on this new course of our life.

We need to not only take this chance that is being given to us, but also to do it differently than we have before. Whatever we have been doing previously hasn't been working, regardless of how much has been right. In the end, we just couldn't make it work.

Sometimes life really does come down to timing, and right now is the perfect time.

New moons are the time for beginnings, a time to plant those seeds of intentions that we hope will grow and blossom into fruition. In Virgo this means that not only are we going to have the chance to start something, but we will also have the sensibilities to take our time and plan our next move strategically.

There won't be rushing into anything, nor will we be in the place to throw caution to the wind without care of what tomorrow may bring. This may leave many of us feeling frustrated by the lack of apparent movement towards a goal, resolution of an issue or even a lingering situation.

Yet, this moon is all about showing us that sometimes, no matter how much we want to, we just can't rush some things.

New moons are always powerful times, where we are called to spend time within looking at the secrets our hearts hold and evaluating where we want to be, and if that differs from where we currently are. But this month we are in store for an even more powerful experience because of the solar eclipse on the same day and in the same sign.


Solar eclipses only occur on the new moon, but not always within the harmony of the same sign. During this phase of the moon we are in the shadow, or the dark, of the moon. Yet, not only are we in the dark figuratively during this time, but literal as well.

Solar eclipses cast a shadow over our lives, yet it's a necessary period where we are asked to not see with our eyes, but instead with our hearts.

During this time we are challenged to look at issues involving unfinished business in our personal lives. Sometimes life moves pretty quickly, and in an attempt to keep up we sometimes make brash and quick decisions based on expectations or society rather than what we truly want. This particular eclipse will be highlighting those areas of our lives where a re-do is in order.

Along those same lines, eclipses are famous for forcing us to get honest with ourselves in a quick and abrupt manner. No one likes to be the last one to know something, especially when it has to do with any aspect of our own lives or psyche, but sometimes it's because we weren't ready to see the truth.

All of that is changing, because now not only will we be ready to see the truth, but we will have the foresight to understand that it doesn't so much matter if we take the slow road so long as we are moving forward.

This is also a big time for our love lives. Remember the one that got away? Well, you are about to find out what happens when they come back.

There was something that we missed the first time around. It wasn't that we made a mistake, only that we weren't ready to see what was right in front of us the whole time. Time changes people, and in the best of situations it does so in a way that lets us align even closer together.

Sometimes the reality is that in order to be together, we first have to learn how to be apart.

But now the time for all of that may be coming to an end. We have had time to grow as individuals, to tune into our hearts, and to learn the value in living a life that feels good, rather than one that just looks good.


And while it may have been a long, strange trip, we also are exactly where we are meant to be in this moment. Right now, anything is possible — life is what we choose to make of it.

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