The Secret Sex Fantasy You Need To Act On (Based On Your Zodiac)

Be it public displays or behind closed doors, EVERYONE has a secret fantasy.

Sexual Fantasy According To Your Zodiac Sign Astrology WeHeartIt

Sexual fantasies are nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, believe it or not, many of us have fantasies about the same (or at least similar) things, whether or not we actually take the time to talk about it with each other. But where's the fun in these things when we hide them so much, never coming close to acting on them?

Vanilla sex can be comfortable and fun, but wouldn't you like to have that special someone you could experiment with? What's the harm in acting out the things you think about when you're alone?


Whether your fantasies are extreme or reserved, or maybe it involves more than just your partner, there should be no shame in being yourself and having fun in (and out) of the bedroom. No matter what it is, everyone secretly has a secret sexual desire they wish they could bring to life.

But what’s your perfect fantasy ... based on your zodiac?

Personality and preferences definitely come into play when talking about sex, so here’s a list of what would be perfect for YOU, whether you knew it or not. 

1Aries (March 21 - April 19)

Aries Secret Sexual Fantasy Zodiac Astrology

The best advice for an Aries: “Go for it!” Aries love exploring "outside the box" and into the wild. Your perfect sexual fantasy pushes you and your partner to the limits; it’s the fire that drives you.

Explore the room — even different rooms. Your perfect fantasy is sex all over the house (or maybe outside). Find a position in the kitchen, in the living room, backwards over the couch, upside down in the shower. Bend, flex, and stretch until you find your perfect spot. Then repeat. And repeat. And REPEAT.

An Aries’ sexual fantasy has no bounds, so be a daredevil and make your fantasy anywhere and everywhere (within reason…) Sex with a Leo or Scorpio would be perfect for you. The combined sexual energy and drive to push the limits will create chemistry unlike any other. 

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2TAURUS (Apr 20 - May 20)

Taurus Secret Sexual Fantasy Zodiac Astrology

A Taurus will always seek to please as they’re loving and determined. They want to be the pleasure-giver. They’ll wait, explore, and search for the perfect spot that gives their partner the best experience.

You as a Taurus won’t wait to be told; you'll just do. Strong-willed and focused, the perfect fantasy for you is blindfolding and sex in the dark. It’s the "Taurus Show" and you just want to explore every inch of your partner until you find the perfect little place that drives them crazy. The darkness allows your partner to feel every sensation you bring to them and allows you to read their reactions as your body wanders over theirs.

Passionate kissing and touching are your favorite pastimes. You’re hungry for their satisfaction, so let them lay back and let you give them exactly what they want. A Cancer would love your sexual touch. 

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3GEMINI (May 21 - June 20)

Gemini Secret Sexual Fantasy Zodiac Astrology

Short and simple: a Gemini is the perfect candidate for a multiple-partner experience. You as a Gemini are versatile. You can adapt, switch, and move from mindset to mindset.

A Gemini is eager, but nervous, so make sure your partner is part of this experience so you always have a solid fallback, but be not afraid to hop around. Use your adaptability to your advantage and let your senses lead your actions.

Sagittarians and fellow Gemini are perfect for you for both their fun-loving sexual attitude and versatility. 

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4CANCER (June 21 - July 22)

Cancer Secret Sexual Fantasy Zodiac Astrology

Cancers are the lovey-dovey lovers. All you want is to be loved and let you partner know that they’re loved back. Rose petals, candles, dim lights, and anything that boosts the mood of a special night-in: that's your perfect fantasy.

You fantasize about just you and your partner, wrapped in the sheets, slow and steady. Oh yeah, and foreplay. Foreplay is key. Supplementing a little pre-sex excitement between you and your partner will add to the experience greatly.

Maybe you’re not ready for a crazy fetishized experience, but you’re perfectly content going for hours on end, just you and your partner. Take your time and live in the pleasure of the moment. Share your love with a Virgo or a Taurus for the perfect, loving, all-night-long embrace. 

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5LEO (July 23 - Aug 22)

Leo Secret Sexual Fantasy Zodiac Astrology

Just like a Lion, your Leo personality craves to be in the leading role. Leos love to love, but more so, they love to BE loved. Constant stimulation and attention will boost any Leo’s sexual experience.

Your fantasy? Besides your own reflection, you Leos love to be in the driver’s seat. Unlike a Taurus, Leos love to be dominant for their own pleasure. Don’t get it wrong, you as a Leo are compassionate and caring for your partner, but you’ll always be looking for the next thing.

Leos: take command; be in charge, but don’t dominate. Be the boss, but have someone who can put you in your place too. Give and receive to stimulate both your leadership passion, and your desire to be loved. Mutual acts of sexuality are the perfect fantasy for a Leo.

Seek out a Scorpio or another Leo. The Scorpio’s drive for power and the other Leo’s need for attention will balance your own, further growing your sexual drive for appreciation and control. And once you get that appreciation, it’ll feel that much better. 

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6VIRGO (Aug 23 - Sep 22)

Virgo Secret Sexual Fantasy Zodiac Astrology

Virgo: stay at home. A lady in the streets and freak in the sheets may define you and many a Virgo. Though meticulous and poignant, you as a Virgo will never rest until you get the job done, and done right (by your standards).

Seek simplicity, Virgo. Your sexual endeavors can be extreme or basic, but too many moving parts will make it difficult to execute and only lead to frustration on your end.

It may be ironic, but Virgos: let go. Give up control for just one second and let someone else give you the pleasure you so desperately (and critically) seek. A fantasy perfect for a Virgo is letting their partner take control. You’ll let your partner know what’s right and what’s wrong, but from a place where you won’t frustrate yourself. Find a partner that can balance your meticulous side.

Try a Sagittarius. Their personality of pure enjoyment and fun will be liberating for you.  

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7LIBRA (Sept 23 - Oct 22)

Libra Secret Sexual Fantasy Zodiac Astrology

Almost as much as a Leo, a Libra is a show-boater in bed. In their capriciousness and ease of switching moods, they use their charm and flirtatiousness to fill their own passions. Librans should try dancing for their partners. Dancing can create the perfect balance of sight, feeling, smell, sound, and even taste when done right.

You as a Libra crave balance and loathe confrontation, so a peaceful, relaxing combination of the senses is perfect for you. Put on a show, find your niche, and use your senses to create a balancing act of impressing both your partner and yourself. Then take those moves to the bed. Variable positioning is a Libra’s best skill; use it to your advantage. Stay in bed and see just how many ways you can impress your partner.

Seek a Gemini in your sexual endeavors; their versatility will match perfectly with your sense of sexual equality and balance. 

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8SCORPIO (Oct 23 - Nov 21)

Scorpio Secret Sexual Fantasy Zodiac Astrology

Scorpios like it hard, heavy, and fast. You know what you want and you know when you want it. Scorpios are dominant, and like a Leo, love to act as the boss.

Scorpios want to get the job done and just like a scorpion, you strike quickly. Scorpios fantasize about the heat, the rhythm, and continuous, repetitive stimulation. Passion is key for a Scorpio, but so is power in your movements.

Think spontaneity, Scorpio. Your perfect fantasy comes of out nowhere and disappears just as quickly as it came. Maybe an in-the-office "meeting" is in your future. Spontaneous sex is your fantasy. Intense, you should seek an Aries if you want their intensity to match yours. Alternatively, seek a Pisces if you just want to run the show. 

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9SAGITTARIUS (Nov 22 - Dec 19)

Sagittarius Secret Sexual Fantasy Zodiac Astrology

All you want as Sagittarius is to play. Fun-loving and full of good humor, you’ll laugh your way through sex. The perfect sexual fantasy for you is anything that involves rolling on the floor, giggling together, and a mutually entertaining experience.

A fire sign (like Aries and Leo), a Sagittarius is restless and freedom-loving, but a straight shooter. You have no qualms telling your partner what you want. You’re daring. So be daring. Find a hidden place somewhere and take advantage of your adventurous spirit. The perfect fantasy for a Sagittarius is a secret sex spot, with the potential danger of getting discovered. Be discreet, be conscious, but be spontaneous and have fun!

Another fire sign would be the perfect sexual partner for you in your fantasy. Unafraid to branch out and always ready for action, Leos and Aries are your ideal matches. 

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10Capricorn (Dec 20 - Jan 19)

Capricorn Secret Sexual Fantasy Zodiac Astrology

As a Capricorn, you should try something new. You live by the books, so for once, branch out! Reach out of your comfort zone. Doing something “new”  that you’ve never done before is your simple, but effective fantasy. Who knows, maybe you’ll find a new addition to your usual routine that you can build upon. A one step at a time addition is a great method to develop a Capricorn’s fantasies. Position changing is the best go-to.

Try sex with a fire sign (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius). Their innate desire for passion and action could be just what you need to release your inner sexual spirit. Stick to simple variations at first, and go from there. Because God knows completely breaking the norm would be Earth-shattering for you. 

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11AQUARIUS (Jan 20 - Feb 18)

Aquarius Secret Sexual Fantasy Zodiac Astrology

Similar to a Capricorn, you as an Aquarian crave originality. But differently, you should find your niche in this novelty. Dabble in different things. Dabble in the abnormal. You have very specific tastes, so it’s key to figure out what EXACTLY that taste is and go from there. Suggest something crazy, try it, and see if it works. If not, move on to the next crazy idea.

A commonly favorite fantasy genre: bondage. There’s much to explore and see just what the Aquarian in you finds as your personal favorite, all the way from hand ties to hand cuffs. Seek a Gemini. They’ll play into every situation you can think up.

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12Pisces (Feb 19 - Mar 20)

Pisces Secret Sexual Fantasy Zodiac Astrology

Submissive is the word to describe a Pisces. Not in a negative sense, but your favorite childhood game might have been “Follow the Leader.” You feel what your partner wants, and play right into their passions. All needs will be met when getting intimate with a Pisces.

You crave to please your partner; and for that, giving pleasure is more important than getting pleasure. So the place to start is asking your partner. If they’re curious about something, why not give it a try? Your passion and feeling comes from your partner’s, so dig deep into their fantasies and see what you can make your own.

A Pisces isn’t afraid to try new things, they just need some direction first. But once directed, they’ll make every effort to play into every scenario. Leader/follower role play is a perfect fantasy for a Pisces. Doctor/nurse, master/maid, even teacher/student. Take initiative and explore various scenarios.

An Aquarian or Libra would be a great partner to explore with as they love the variety and can easily adapt.  

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