3 Steps To Sharing Sexual Fantasies With Your Partner

My work is about helping couples who are committed and really love each other recover their passion. There are many reasons for this, and of course each couple is different. There is no cookie cutter solution that fits everyone.

One of the challenges that I have noticed for many couples encounter that over time, however, is that they have lost some of their spontaneity, some of their imagination and they become a little more reserved and guarded with each other. They stop (or perhaps have never started) sharing their sexual fantasies with each other. They have many reasons for this, which I will address later in this article.

Sharing, exploring and acting out your fantasies is a really important part of keeping the passion alive in a long-term relationship. Once the newness of a relationship wears off, once the novelty has passed, we begin to move out of that "honeymoon" stage.

Biologically, we are novelty-seeking creatures. From an evolutionary psychology standpoint, being interested in a wide, diverse gene pool is good for the survival of the species. 20 Reasons To Have Sex Right Now

For the survival of the relationship, however, we must take steps to stay passionate and aroused about our long-term partner. We must create a fresh relationship each day. Part of that is to share our imagination, our fantasies, our longings and desires with our partner. Doing this means we can stay with the same partner but have the relationship feel new. 

So, what are the blocks to sharing fantasies? Really, they fall into three categories:
1. I don't know what my fantasies are.
2. I have shame and self-judgment over the fantasies that I AM aware of.
3. I'm afraid that my partner will have judgment over the fantasies that I am aware of.

The key to sharing your fantasy with your partner is to overcome each of these three categories of block. They are interconnected, but I'll address each one separately. Be aware of the fact that this is a process, and as one block begins to crumble, the others may also become less restricting.

The first block of "not knowing" is more accurately "not connecting" to your fantasies. They are inside your psyche, whether you are fully conscious of them or not. I encourage you to set up a time and place where you can be alone. Play the music that will set the tone, light the candle or spray the scent that will take you there, adjust the lighting. Set the mood to call forth your fantasies into your awareness.

And literally, that is exactly what you will be doing, calling them forth. Say it to yourself, write it down, say it out loud or, even, into an audio recorder: "I wish to become aware of my sexual fantasies." Take a deep breath, hold it for a moment and then release it.

Repeat this a few times. And say again, "I wish to become aware of my sexual fantasies." And begin to write or speak. Write or speak WHATEVER enters your mind. Don't censor yourself! No one but you will have see or hear this, until YOU are ready to share it. Let yourself go! The Truth About Acting Out Your Fantasies

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