15 Signs You're The Designated Mom Of Your Friend Group

Group hug on three: one, two, three!

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By Karenna Meredith

As long as I can remember, I've always been the mom of my friend group. I worry about everyone when we go out together, I give advice that I'm not usually qualified to give, and I even bring snacks when we go places just in case someone gets hungry. It's basically a life calling.

Some women have children; I have my friends.

If you relate to any of these 14 signs, you're probably the mom friend too. Embrace it — every group needs one or two!


1. You're always cheering on your friends during their biggest life events.

*sniff sniff* Just so proud. 

2. You know exactly what gifts to give.

Birthday presents are where you really shine.

3. You worry about them all the time.

Are they safe? Are they having a good day? Are they hungry? Are they emotionally secure?

4. Your friends go to you for a good pep talk. Boost everyone's self-esteem? Check.


5. But you also know when it's time to get real.

Tough love is the best love. 

6. You're prepared for any circumstances.

First-aid kit, snacks, backup charger, and plenty of water—all in the bag.

7. You know when to tell them to start drinking. Bottoms up! 

8. And when to stop.

Whoa—slow down there, buddy.


9. You're an expert at cleaning up messes and fixing the broken things.

Designated problem solver to the rescue! 

10. So they know to rely on you for the serious stuff.

They might even call you before 911. 

11. You're the group event planner.

A party without a plan really isn't a party, is it?

12. You're the best shoulder to cry on. Almost always followed up with some serious girl talk. 


13. You're always the one taking photos.

It's for the memories, you guys! 

14. At times, you're their conscience. 

Giving advice is in your job description. 

15. Basically, you've got everyone's back. Group hug on three: one, two, three!