Did Hillary Have A Seizure Or Was She Just Trying To Be Funny?

Photo: YouTube
hillary clinton

Nice try guys, but that wasn't a seizure.

The anti-Clinton crowd is at it again — this time with a video that they allege shows the Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton having an epileptic seizure.

Rumors about Clinton having some kind of scary neurological disorder have been circulating ever since the then-secretary of state fainted from dehydration while suffering from a stomach virus and sustained a concussion in December 2012.

Now, hoping to add validity to these rumors, a video clip of Clinton has gone viral suggesting that she experienced a brief seizure and that this video proves that she's too ill and unfit to hold office.

I call bullsh*t.

In the video, Clinton, startled by the barrage of reporters, responds with an overly exaggerated response when asked about the possibility of her selecting Elizabeth Warren as her running mate. Clinton is clearly trying to be funny and repeats the movement again, proving that it was a conscious choice, not an involuntary response.

She then suggests that the reporters try the cold chai. Could she have had a brain freeze from drinking something super-cold? Yes. Seizure? Doubtful.

I showed the video to one of my conservative friends and asked him if he thought she was having a seizure. He said no and that she was just trying to be funny.

Let's be honest: one of the things that people fault Hillary for is not being likable enough, so you know that the people who advise her told her to be warmer and inject a little humor wherever she could. If you've ever seen Madonna in concert, you know that while she's a fabulous performer, she's scarily unfunny.

You can have a great sense of humor but that doesn't make you funny. Sometimes you need to leave the humor to the professionals. Hillary Clinton did a big, over-exaggerated response and some of the reporters did laugh, but maybe she should leave the comedy to the Broad City gals, Leslie Jones, and Kristen Wiig — any of the fabulous ladies of comedy would probably be good.

Check out Mrs. Clinton and her humorous response to reporters:


One of the clues that this video and its accusation that Clinton is having seizures is purely out to do damage to the Clinton campaign; it came out a month after the incident took place. Obviously, the anti-Clinton movement were searching for something to cast doubt in the voter's minds.

There's no evidence that this was an actual seizure, and the anti-Clinton people know this, saying in an article in The Inquisitr, "There's no way one can say for sure that Hillary Clinton had a seizure on camera, let alone that she has epilepsy, but dots from the past and present can be connected to suggest these things may be a possibility."

Sure, and you can also look at the behavior for what it was: an attempt to inject a little humor in what can only be the monotony of campaigning.