Grandparents Redid Their Wedding 63 Years Later And We're Crying

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They say love dwindles over time, especially when you've been with the same person for so long. At a time when it seems like everyone treats marriage like it's a passing fad —when every other day, another couple have decided to part due to X number of reasons — it kind of makes you wonder if it's even worth it. 

If you're about to lose faith in the existence of love and happily ever after, let Joe and Wanda Johnson change your mind.

The couple has been together for 65 years and have been married for 63 of those years. Their granddaughter, Shalyn Nelson, a photographer, featured them in a project called "Love, The Nelsons," where she asked her grandparents to write and read out loud their love letters to each other

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The original article in Elite Daily says that Wanda's letter was pages long, so instead they showed Joe's letter, which is full of nothing but love, devotion, and gratitude for the woman who stood by him for more than six decades. 

Read below and try not to cry your eyes out, OK?

"Dearest Wanda,

It's been a long time since I have written you a letter. I think it was when I was working in Canada that I wrote you last. Anyway, I still love you just as much, probably more. The years have gone by fast. One morning you just wake up and you are OLD. Anyway, I wouldn't trade them for all the gold in Alaska.

We had 3 great kids and lots of fun raising them. Most of the time. We carried them to movies, playgrounds, swimming, ballgames, parties, etc. I wish that we could bring back some of those days. Now they have kids of their own which we have watched grow, and some now with kids of their own. We must be real old...

Photo: Instagram

The days we had at the Freez-It at Fairfield and The Dixie Queen at Jewett and built the Rocket Drive-In with a 30' rocket ship on the roof — those were the very hard years with lots of hard work and no vacations. I still worked my engineering job in Houston thru the week, and weekends at the drive-in businesses.

Later, we got smart and got out of the drive-in business. Later I retired, and we moved back to Jewett. We got into the ranching business. We made a lake and called it Hidden Lake Ranch. Found out that was a lot of hard work, too.

Now that we are in our Golden years, I think that we have turned to rust with all the doctors we see. Anyway, I will close this letter to you saying I love you as much today as the day I married you. And just think, the license only cost $2. The best bargain I ever made.

With all my love for you,


Shalyn re-posted their photos on Instagram with the explanation that Joe was admitted to the hospital the week before, and doctors did not expect him to make it through the night. 

"My Mom tried to prep me for the inevitable because he's been in and out of the hospital a lot these past few months and hasn't got any better," she wrote. "I decided to be stubborn, naturally, and forced myself to stay positive and hopeful through many tears that took over my face when she told me things weren't looking good."

Shalyn continued on to say that Joe is still fighting and his beloved wife Wanda has not left his side. Now that is what we call true love!

Photo: Instagram