9 Things You NEED To Know About Loving A Girl With a *True* BFF

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NEVER make us choose ... you just might lose.

Let’s take a moment to recognize the amazingness of our friends. We’re not talking about those semi-friends, the friends you call friends but don’t really talk to, or the kind of toxic-friends that you should be cutting out of your lives.

No, we are talking about the best friends who are completely supportive and who have always been there for you.


The kind that you literally would not be able to get through life without. The ones you call when you need a laugh or a shoulder to cry on. The ones that you tag in every single BFF quote article you see because they all somehow perfectly sum up the insanity that is your friendship. The kind of friend you would call to help you hide a body and who would come no questions asked. 

Without those best friends, well if we are being honest we’re not sure we would have made it this far.


So it’s only natural that when they’d be your number one person, even once you’re in a relationship (okay, maybe they'll become number two but only just barely!).

We’re not saying your significant other shouldn’t also be your best friend (because, DUH!). But they won’t be able to fully replace your best friend, and there's no reason why they should.

In fact, having a separate best friend (or a few best friends, if you’re lucky enough) actually makes you a better girlfriend and a better wife!

No girl would be who she is or where she is without her best friend(s). They are family without the requirement of shared DNA, and most times, they're not going anywhere so here are a few things you should know when dating a girl with a *true* BFF:

We know how to share nicely.
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Well most things anyway. We’ve shared rooms (hello sleepovers!), clothes, stories of our lives, even food occassionally…we’ve shared them all. It’s pretty much impossible to have a best friend and not be okay with sharing.

Sometimes we need our friends and not you (sorry!).
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Every once in a while we need to get together for some BFF bonding time. And we won’t necessarily reschedule our friend’s plans to do something with you instead (although sometimes we will). Know that just because we sometimes choose to hang out with our friends instead of hanging out with you DOES NOT mean we love you any less. (NOTE: we are talking about going out every once in a while…there is such a thing as too much)

You need our BFF’s approval.
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Our best friend's approval is just as important as our family's. If our friends don't like you, chances are you're not going to be around for too long.

As best friends, we have stuff that will always just be "our thing".
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There are some things that will be our thing as a couple and some things that will be just for us and our best friend. Accept it.

We are very supportive.
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We are always there for our best friend. We supported them when we knew they were right and even when we knew they were wrong and we are great at giving out advice.

We’re really good listeners. /b>
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We can be very sensitive and caring people, at least to those we like. You don’t have to be scared to share your problems, worries or concerns with us. We can handle it and we will be sympathetic. If

Telling our best friend our secret is not really a violation…nor is keeping their secrets a secret.
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Yes, if something happens between us (good or bad), we will probably go straight to our best friend to talk about it. But telling our BFF, isn't really a breach of our confidentiality as really she's just another extension of ourselves. The same way that if she tells you something about her BFF, it’s not a violations either. But NEVER breach that trust by sharing your knowledge with others and know that we don’t have to tell you everything.

Don't make it become a choice between you or our best friend.
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Unless the friendship is so toxic it's bad for us, don't make it a choice. Because if you make us choose one or the other, the result probably won't be in your favor. We've known our best friend longer than we've known you and have been through more with them.

Treat us right or there will be consequences.
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Our best friends are our family and we protect our family. If one gets hurt, the other is right there to comfort before killing the source of the pain. You've been warned. Treat us right, though, and you will gain not just someone to truly love but a friend as well.