Miley Debuts Tattoo Of Jupiter — But It Might Actually Be Saturn

Photo: WeHeartIt
Miley Tattoo

Girl might need a telescope.

In today's example of why you should ALWAYS do some research before committing to some permanent ink, Miley Cyrus got a tattoo of a planet she might not totally know the name of. 

The singer posted a photo of her planet tat yesterday and included the hashtags #lilbbjupiter and#stonerasfuck. Maybe that last hashtag was a hint as to why the singer thought her tattoo was of Jupiter when it looks a little more like Saturn. 

The internet is blowing up because we all learned in elementary school about Saturn and its rings. What the majority of us who aren't astronomers haven't realized yet is that rings are actually not that rare and cool in the solar system, and Jupiter has been one of the many planets confirmed to have them. 

So a) Miley is an avid lover of space and consistently keeps up with new findings b) she was blazed out of her mind and confused the names of two well-known planets. You decide.