Why Are Leos So Lonely?

It's hard work being the king of astrology.

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Leos are perhaps the most confident sign in the zodiac sign in astrology but that doesn't mean they don't get lonely.

Leos are born between July 23 through August 22. Leo's personality leads with grace and power.

So, why are Leos so lonely?

Even though they have many friends, there's something inside of them that longs to be understood.

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A Leo is regal. Leos always have a smile across their face. They charm anyone who comes in contact with them.

Leos seem to always have an influence over the people they associate themselves with, giving off an air of pure confidence.

However, it may come as a surprise that Leos can find themselves very much trapped in the depression clouding their minds.

Leos feel lonely even when in a crowd.

The pressure to lead can make them feel isolated from the crowd they keep.

Here's why Leos, the most adored and respected zodiac signs, are the loneliest, per astrology:

Leos are competitive.

Like most fire signs Leos burn with intensity.


They are one of the best zodiac signs in regards to business.

When Leo sets their sights on a goal they will do everything in their power to make it a reality, not stopping until they have achieved their dreams.

The last thing you should ever tell a Leo is that they can’t do something; they’ll take it as a challenge.

However, this competitive nature can be isolating at times.

Leos typically like friendly competition, but their lust and go-getter attitude can come off very extreme.

There aren’t a lot of other people who can match this energy or comprehend the playful yet serious vision of Leo.

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Leos need ego rubs.

That’s not to say that Leos aren’t confident;

that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Leos still radiates an energy that is unmatched by most in the zodiac, however, Leos are also extremely sensitive and delicate deep down.

Not everyone can understand the duality of this nature.

A lot of people view Leos for their mask or the way they present when they’re around others.

Not many are there for when Leo goes home and scrubs away their makeup.

Behind all that glam and fiery persona is a tired person who goes to bed wishing they had someone to share their stories with.

Oftentimes, Leo can be left feeling rejected because of this.


It can feel to them as if only their big energy is appreciated, meanwhile, their shadow emotions, including loneliness, are often cast to the side and unnoticed by Leo's acquaintances.

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Leos crave constant attention.

Their loneliness can be deceptive at times.

Is Leo truly lonely or are they just not getting the immense attention they require?

This is a constant struggle Leos tend to have as they do need their cup filled with love, affection, and undying attention.

Leos love being the center of attention and for good reason.

They are entertaining, always have valuable input for conversations, and are bursting with fresh, new ideas.


Some may view this as a fault, but to a Leo, attention and validation are the only fuel they need to inspire the masses and change the world.

Leos don’t require much from others, but appreciation and acknowledgment of how wonderful they are is a must for anyone surrounding Leo.

Without this validation, they can feel deafening silence, which leads to them feeling more alone than they may actually be.

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Leos are leaders.

Leaders often feel lonely.

Leos are no exception to this. Like all fire signs, Leo tends to have no problem taking control of a situation or group.

However, unlike the spontaneous nature of Sagittarius and Aries, Leos can maintain control with outstanding and cunning leadership.


Leos are wonderful in business for this reason.

Leos are master manifestors, able to create to keep their team inspired.

However, they can find that being on top is lonely.

People expect a Leo to take charge but aren’t typically asking how to help.

Others are waiting for their tasks to be assigned.

Leo may not mind the responsibility, but it would help if people asked if they needed anything to help ease their load.

A lot is expected out of Leos but sometimes not a lot is given in return.

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Leos lack companionship.

Everyone counts on their Leo friend...but who does Leo have to lean on?


Much like the leadership role, in community and more casual relationships, Leo finds that they are taking on more than they can chew at times.

Leos are expected to be the party planner and the entertainment, but sometimes Leo just wants to kick back and relax.

Because Leo is such a natural-born leader, they tend to naturally give some of the best advice, typically based on real-life experiences.


What most zodiac signs don’t acknowledge is that although Leo has great feedback for others.

Sometimes Leos want to be asked if they’re doing alright and be able to talk about their problems in a safe place too.

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Leo creates wonderful support but struggles to ask for someone to help uplift them when they’re low on energy.

Instead of directly communicating this, Leo will regress into feelings of emptiness and isolation.

A Leo feels stuck in a mindset that not only does no one in the world understand them, but that they are forever alone.

Everyone needs a Leo in their life; Leos will fill you with new ideas and a fire that you may have not felt in years.


However, it is important to make your Leo friends feel appreciated, loved, and cared for, a little louder than you may typically treat others with.

Leos love ferociously and deserve to feel the same amount of compassion in return so isolation isn’t so unbearable for them.

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