Dear Grooms: This Is The #1 Way Not To Screw Up The Wedding For Her

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Dear Grooms, You Need To Know This About Wedding Makeup

GUYS: We love you, but we need to talk.

Dear Grooms,

We love you, we really do, but we have to talk. For months and sometimes years, your beautiful brides plan their picture-perfect looks. From the dresses and the flowers to the shoes and the hair.

Oh, and most importantly, the makeup! We work together through tireless trial runs. Finding just the right lipstick shade and the perfect whispy lashes. Bronz-ie or blush-ie? That is the question.

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The amount pinterest-ing for wedding makeup turns into a full-time job. But it is all worth while when the look comes together and our brides feel like the absolute most beautiful versions of themselves.

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Let me set the scene for you.

We are up extra early on the morning of your wedding to get started. You sleep in and casually start your day. I mean, we have a full beauty assembly line going on before you've even thought about brushing your teeth. So we understand that you might not completely comprehend how much work goes into getting the bride and her gals beautified for the big day.

We manage to highlight dark circles from sleepless nights and apply perfect liquid liners as she welcomes photographers, florists, and out-of-town guests. Have you ever applied liquid liner on a moving target, Mr. Groom? It takes skill.

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A few hours and mimosas later, it's time for final touches. And then ... the dress! Ahh, the look comes together and it's PERFECT! It's exactly what she planned. She is happy. Everyone is happy.

The ceremony went off without a hitch, and you are married! There was laughing, crying, hugs and kisses. Your bride still looks flawless and the makeup hasn't moved. All is good in the world!

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That is, until you decide to be a comedian and smash cake in her face! Hours of hard work, gone. Just like that...


Don't be a comedian.


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