Get Lucky With Your Thursday Horoscope

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Fun, Free Daily Work & Love Horoscope For Thursday, March 17
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Free daily horoscope for Thursday, March 17.

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Your daily horoscope for March 17 is here to tell you if the luck of the Irish is with you today.

Pisces: Romance is in the air. Make it a special night with bae where you two can swim in the seas of love. Singles: cast your net — someone special is swimming your way.

Aries: You’ve been bitten by the travel bug. If you play your cards right, your company will even pick up the tab. Get ready for an adventure!

Taurus: Your main goal at the moment is time away from your usual routine. See if you can take a couple personal days and plan yourself a staycation where you can recharge.

Gemini: Friday is on the horizon, but not close enough for you. Luck is on your side today, so plan a happy hour that moves you up the ladder and into the weekend.

Cancer: Scratch drinks and dinner — you’re more interested in a workout and a healthy, fulfilling meal followed by quality cuddle time with bae. You’re keeping yourselves (and the relationship) healthy.

Leo: While others may be clambering for the weekend, you’re buckling down at work, and getting as much done as you can. You’re feeling lucky and don’t want to waste the ambition.

Virgo: A new wave of inspiration has hit and you’re plowing forward. You can’t get it all done today, no matter how excited you are — don’t run yourself into the ground.

Libra: Make sure your passport is up to date and your bags are up to style because your inner nomad is making an appearance. Travel is number one on your agenda for the coming months.

Scorpio: You know when you’re killin’ it on the career front, it gets noticed. Today is no different — especially since your creative genius has been out on the prowl.

Sagittarius: You’re checking everything off your to-do list: a spectacular day at the office, a great workout and a hot date to cap off the night. Not bad for a Thursday!

Capricorn: If you had three wishes, they’d be strong health, money and a person to share these with. You don’t need a genie to get to work on these goals.

Aquarius: You like to keep things fresh. Head out for a trim, new color or accessories to flip your wardrobe. You need the change, and you love keeping things updated.