7 Ways To TRULY Love A Pisces Woman

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Ways To Love A Pisces
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Pisces are sensitive and emotional creatures. Pisces women, in particular, are full of warmth. They are nurturers and feel most comfortable in a relationship when they are caring for their significant other.

Unfortunately, Pisces will give and give, even if she feels like she isn't getting anything in return. She's hopeful that her lover will reciprocate her love. She will try to help her partner achieve his/her goals before thinking of her own happiness.

Pisces women are healers of some kind — therapists, nurses, acupuncturists or even reiki masters. They just can't stop helping others. Here's how to love that sweet little fish.

1. Respect that they feel before they think.

Pisces women are extraordinarily intuitive. They are feelers rather than thinkers. Pisces are daydreamers and are often in their own worlds. Because they feel so deeply, they are often emotional and can cry easily. If you're dating a Pisces, respect that she's going to be moved to tears easily.

And it's not just sadness — she's able to access a range of emotions at the drop of a hat. If you piss her off, she will let you know that you've angered her. She has no qualms about freely expressing her emotions. She expects that you respect her emotionality.

2. Trust her intuition — she's an excellent judge of character.

Pisces women are excellent judges of character. They know when you're hiding something. I had a Pisces roommate in college, Staci. At the time, I was dating a schmuck of a guy who ended up cheating on me. Staci knew that this dude was no good. No matter what I told her, she insisted that he didn't like my boyfriend. Low and behold, she was right. Thanks Stace, I'll never doubt your Pisces intuition again.

The point is that these ladies have a keen sense of people and their intentions. If you want to find out who to hire for a job, have a Pisces woman conduct the job interview. She will have that sh*t taken care of. 

3. Open up emotionally to her.

If you're emotionally closed or unavailable, don't even consider dating a Pisces. They don't have time for that sh*t. Be who you are, own your past, and be upfront about your emotional scars; in fact, bring them out and show them to a Pisces. She will have respect for you if you let her know that you have been hurt and are willing to share that story with her.

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4. Earn her trust.

Pisces, though they are emotional and seemingly open, have secrets. They won't let you into their world unless they totally trust you. When you first meet her, she's beautiful in a mysterious and warm way. You can't figure her out completely. That's because she doesn't want you to.

She believes that you should earn that trust before she opens her heart to you. Once you gain access to her heart, the love and the secrets will pour out of her. 

5. Take care of her heart.

Don't betray a Pisces' confidence. If she tells you a dark secret, put that sh*t in a vault and lock it. You're lucky she trusted you enough to tell you whatever confidential information that was. She doesn't open up that easily, so she must trust you. If you cross a Pisces, she will lash out at you and make you remember that you hurt her. Pisces do forgive, but it takes them time to heal. 

6. Remember: Pisces forgive, but they don't forget.

Unlike other signs of the zodiac, Pisces are extremely forgiving people. If you wrong a Pisces woman, she will be extraordinarily upset and she will definitely let you know. However, after she takes the time to heal she will likely forgive you ... unless you f*cked up so royally that it's truly unforgivable.

For the most part, Pisces women are giving and warm people who want to see the good in humanity. She will forgive you, but she will not forget what you did to her. So be careful how you treat her. 

7. Appreciate the fact that they always see the good in people.

Pisces women see the good in others. They will help you when you're in a crisis with no questions asked. But please don't take advantage of their kind nature. Appreciate what she's done for you. She might not say it aloud, but that gratitude makes her feel valued and loved.