Your Thursday Horoscope, As Told By Rihanna

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Free daily horoscope for Thursday, January 28.

Rihanna FINALLY dropped a new single. She also happens to be the queen of side eye, and any GIF she's in is pure gold. So today, we recruited her in the form of GIFs to narrate your Thursday horoscope.

Aquarius: It’s one of those days where you’re thinking hard on the past and your private life. Stay positive and try try not to mope. Focus on what better things the future might bring!

Pisces: Bump that workout playlist because you are in major wellness mode. Grab a work out buddy and hit the juice bar after. Your positive energy is extra contagious and you’re an inspiration to others. Fist bump! 

Aries: You are all the rage today. Your coworkers are noticing your efforts, and all of your networking is starting to pay off. You're even drawing some secret (or not so secret) admirers, too. Hey, when you got it, you got it!

Taurus: Go ahead and throw up a peace sign because you’re all good vibes today. You notice when you shower the world with your smile and charms, it showers you back with special opportunities and lots of love. Right on.

Gemini: Discipline is the word today. We know you like to go with the flow, but today you need to set some stricter schedules for yourself. Whatever you’re doing, others are liking what they see. Heart-eye emojis all around!

Cancer: You’re feeling extra empathetic today. If you recently lashed out at someone or were a little, um... Crabby, you realize it was maybe a bit too much. Let them know, it could help smooth things over.  

Leo: Any insecurities you may have had in a relationship are definitely put to rest now. We know you are the confident ruler of the jungle, but we all have moments of self-doubt. It’s a great feeling when we can let that go.

Virgo: Love is in the air today! You're career is moving along well too, but make sure you leave time for a little romance. Take it from the boardroom to the bedroom and call it a day (and night).

Libra: You're feeling extra daring today. It's a perfect time to jump into that new project you've been dreaming up or try a new look. Go ahead and leap in Libra, sometimes you have to take a plunge before you find the rhythm.

Scorpio: You’re connecting on deep levels in existing relationships. Make time for an all-nighter with your bestie or bae. Today, don't be afraid to go big.

Sagittarius: It’s all in sync today. Your inner and outer world are getting along famously. This feeling of content draws new connections to you that have the opportunity to be gangbusters in the future.

Capricorn: When you go full force, people notice — and you’re on the radar today. Just make sure people see the right things. We all love your driven nature but no one likes a snippy boss or cold companion. Warm it up and it gets hot for you... In a good way.