Here's Everything You NEED To Know About Imago Therapy

This might be the EXACTLY what your marriage needs.

After a few years of marriage, some couples somehow fall off the same wavelength — they feel annoyed and on edge over silly things their partners do.

When these issues can't be resolved alone, it's helpful to look for some marriage counseling and therapy options to get back on track.

One Of The Most Reliable Options Is Imago Therapy

Developed by Dr. Harville Hendrix and Dr. Helen LaKelly Hunt, Imago therapy is a marriage therapy system that strives to teach married couples to think of their marriage as this Imago relationship every day in order to compassionately work to heal each other's wounds and resolve conflicts in a loving way.

According to Dr. Helen LaKelly in the video above, the Imago is "the combination of positive and negative caretakers that everyone has inside. I thought it was interesting that [Harville] used that term 'Imago'," she says, "because in the Judeo and Christian traditions, it talks about how we all have an image of God inside of us. And it is that image of our caretakers that has defeated us in childhood. If we dig down deeper, we tap into the image of God within us that can then stand up and try to heal our partner who is suffering from their childhood wound. And that's what gets birthed when we try to learn to love the jerk we're married to."  

Dr. Harville Hendrix explains how this works. He says, "If the two people who are together form a partnership from [empathy] for each other's wounds ... [they] become partners in the project of meeting each other's unmet childhood needs."

CEO and Founder of YourTango Andrea Miller, marriage/couples counselor Dr. Rhoberta Shaler, psychologist Dr. Joyce Fine and counselor/therapist Jamie Simkins Rogers sit down with co-creators of Imago Relationship Therapy Dr. Harville Hendrix and Dr. Helen LaKelly Hunt to discuss the power of Imago and its positive impact on struggling relationships

Do you think Imago relationship therapy can benefit your struggling marriage? Here are two reasons you and your spouse are perfect candidates for this great therapy option: 

1. You Miss The Bond And Safety You Felt In The Beginning

Sometimes, the safety and connection can fizzle over the years. Life, career and parenting responsibilities get in the way of your marriage. Partners naturally change over time, so your focus naturally shifts away from your partner. And you wind up losing that bond. If you're missing it, it's wavering. You now need to work to keep your relationship strong. 

2. You Still Love Your Spouse And Want To Maintain Your Commitment

You feel like you made a great decision to be together, but you're going through a rough patch. You remember your commitment to share your lives together because you love each other. You want to be together forever. You care so much about each other that you want to heal each other's wounds no matter what.

If you want this loving commitment to keep thriving, Imago therapy is one of the best ways to do that. 

Still considering Imago therapy to strengthen your marriage? Scroll up to the video above for more information!