This Is Art? Nutty Artist Photographs Couples In Vacuum-Sealed Bags

Photo: Tumblr
couple in vacuum seal

These couples probably never felt closer...literally.

An artist by the name of Haruhiko "Photographer Hal" Kawaguchi is making art that's, well, creepy.

The Tokyo artist has been putting couples into vacuum seals, and then photographing them intertwined, since 2009.

Just looking at the pictures will make you gasp for air.

His art is sponsored by Condomania, a site where you can buy condoms, lubes, adult games, and more. You can also find a lot of his work on Tumblr

As if being stuck in a vacuum seal with one other person isn't claustrophobic enough, there are some couples who are sealed with other objects like bikes, bottles, and random objects.

The artist sat down with Vice and assured that no one gets hurt participating in his project.

"Never. In most cases, the only problems are when a model can't enter a bag because they're large-built," explains Kawaguchi. "The bags are very specific to certain poses. Before taking a picture, everyone seems to feel scared. But when the photography is finished, everyone seems to be excited and enjoying themselves. I think that's similar to the way people enjoy a ride at an amusement park."

After getting the models into the bag, he sucks the air out. Then he has ten seconds to shoot them. The artist tells Vice he has been in the seal himself and has experienced the fear of being stuck in there.

1. G.I. OH I can't breathe!

Photo: Tumblr

2. There are no words...

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3. Screaming only makes it worse, my friend!

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4. Well, that's one way to express your musical inclination.

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5. You want me to put my head WHERE?

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