8 People (And One Dog) Who Would KILL IT In One Direction


Not that anyone could ever really replace Zayn ... that doesn't mean we don't have suggestions.

Today, we received some harrowing news. Zayn Malik will leave One Direction, for good.

R.I.P. Zayn Malik. We will never forget you. *sniffle*

Until we start thinking of who could be the new fifth member of One Direction. I mean, there are SO many options. Another bad boy? A grown man? A dog?

YOU GUYS, the options are limitless. And not gonna lie, we have some pretty good ideas already. 

James Franco

Can't wait for the first video with James. It's going to get weird, y'all.

Shia Labeouf

If James can't make it, Shia is a good alternative if
they're looking for someone who's batsh*t crazy.

Chris Pratt

One Direction needs a full grown man to stop them from getting
any more tattoos. Dear Lord ... no more tattoos ... please.

Tilda Swinton

I mean, being in a boy band is nothing compared to sitting in a
box for days or whatever it is she did. Right?

Jon Hamm

He has so much free time now!!

Allison Williams as Peter Pan

Fun fact: Peter is the original boy band member. Allison already
has great experience!

Marnie The Dog

I mean, come on. SO CUTE, RIGHT?

Rob Kardashian

On a serious note, Rob has way too much time on his hands
and needs a hobby. This could change his life, you guys.