Impress The Pants Off Your Guy With These 7 Awesome Date Ideas

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A person can only go on so many dinner dates.

By Adam Kinsinger.

Planning a date is hard enough without the added pressure of trying to keep things original, while making sure your guy will enjoy himself. Well, have no fear because we've got 7 awesome date ideas that your guy is guaranteed to love.

Whether he's sporty or artsy, prefers indoors or outdoors, these dates will definitely make for a great time and leave him wondering how he got so lucky.

1. Pub Trivia Night

Pub trivia is a cheap and fun way to get out of the house and test your wits together.

Pick a subject you both enjoy, whether it's a TV show you watch together, pop culture, or something you know nothing about. We guarantee the two of you will laugh the night away, whether you get the answers right or wrong. Your man will love the bit of competition it provides, the drink specials, and most importantly getting to be your teammate.

You may even walk home with a few prizes by the end of the night, so check out your local pub listings to see when they are hosting!

2. Get lost together and have a picnic.

Every guy is always craving an adventure, and getting lost somewhere you've never been together is the perfect way to fill that desire. When you add food on top of that, you'll have him hooked.

Rip up pieces of paper with either left, right, or straight written on each piece. Toss them in a hat, whip up some food for the picnic (doesn't need to be anything fancy - he'll just be happy to eat), and hop in the car. Every time you come to a red light or stop sign, reach in and draw a slip of paper, then head that direction. Once you run out of paper, hop out of the car and have your picnic!

You'll never forget the little towns you drove through and crazy things you saw along the way. Just make sure you keep track of where you are so you know how to get back!

3. Brewery Tour

Mention beer and you'll already have his attention. Mention a tour focused on beer and he'll beat you to the door.

Brewery tours are rapidly growing in popularity, as they offer patrons the opportunity to see what goes into the making of a beer while trying a wide variety of craft brews (many even come with dinner). Do this in place of a normal dinner date. He'll love testing and comparing all the different drinks with you, and you'll get to try something new.

Whether he's a brewmaster or only drinks the occasional beer or two, you are both guaranteed to find a new drink to fall in love with.

4. Laser Tag

Now we know what you're probably thinking: laser tag is for kids. But since most guys are just big kids at heart, laser tag is a fun and different way to get out and active with your partner.

No man can resist a good game of laser tag, and he'll be giddy and honored that you chose HIM as your right-hand man for battle. You can both let out your inner child and spend the night going head to head against anybody that dares challenge you.

Afterwards, go out for drinks and recap all the fun memories!

5. Sporting Event

It's no secret that the majority of men have a certain sport or team they love, so embrace it and surprise your man with tickets to a game!

Whether it's baseball or soccer, he won't be able to wait to cheer on his favorite team with you. Sporting events make for a great date because you can talk, have a few drinks, and experience the game together! Throw in a couple yells at the ref and your man will know he's found someone special.

Plus, he'll get a huge confidence boost when you make it on the jumbotron and everyone sees him with a lovely lady on his side.

6. Improv Comedy Show

A night full of laughter is impossible to turn down.

Improv shows serve as the perfect alternative to a movie or a play, as they allow you to interact and get involved in the show. After a long day of work, this is a great way for the two of you to take some stress off and relax. You'll always remember the time the two of you got pulled up on stage to be the props in the scene.

After the show, you'll have a plethora of inside jokes the next time you go out with your friends. Call ahead and give them your man's name for some added fun and embarrassment.

7. Music Festival

Dancing, drinks, and live performances from all of his and your favorite bands... if that doesn't sound like the perfect date, then we don't know what does!

Filled with performances by a large variety of acts, music festivals can range from a day-long to a week-long event, giving you the option to stretch out your date. Plan ahead and make a list of artists you guys both really want to see, but leave some time to wander around and enjoy everything that festival have to offer. Some of your favorite memories will happen when you give yourselves free time and end up stumbling onto a new band you both love.

If your man is outdoorsy, try and search for festivals that allow you to camp overnight on the grounds. He'll be ecstatic to share a tent and be your sleeping bag buddy.

This article was originally published at Guest of a Guest. Reprinted with permission from the author.