LOL Reactions to 12 Nuggets Of Lena Dunham's Best Life Advice

Love, Family

Lena Dunham has advice for us all.


Lena Dunham, poster child for questionable (designed as quirky) fashion choices, nepotism and white feminism, penned a tome called Not That Kind Of Girl, in which she waxes poetic about love, life, friendship, sex and everything in between. To promote the book, the GIRLS starlet took to YouTube to answer reader questions. Her responses were generally thoughtful, sweet and witty, but it's Lena Dunham, so there are still a few issues here and there. Still, I wasn't a fan before, but I was able to get behind her on most of these. Check out her Q&A clips below.

Questionable Feminist?

Verdict: Dunham nailed it, but really, a see-through rain dress? Then again, she has the money to burn, so more power to her.

Plus Size

Verdict: Again, Dunham handles it beautifully. And she's totally right about landing more dudes when she was bigger, because the same exact thing happened to me. (Though the reason I was bigger is because I broke a bone in my foot and couldn't burn many Calories, and I was limping, so maybe the guys just figured I wouldn't run away from them. But the verdict stands.)

Stay Friends?

Verdict: Perfect, succinct and smart. Almost worth watching her annoying dancing intro for the third time.

Sleeping With Bad People

Verdict: Dunham forgot to point out that sleeping with douchebags breeds more douchebags. If a douchebag isn't getting laid, he will eventually stop being a douchebag (at least temporarily), and maybe, just maybe, the species will finally die.

Insecure Writer

Verdict: Well done, but you know what else helps writers get over insecurity? Rich parents with connections who can serve as a safety net and provide opportunities tha wouldn't otherwise present themselves. So weird that she forgot to mention that.

Dealing With OCD

Verdict: Absolutely dead on. Some people (like the beloved Jennifer Lawrence) think obsessive compulsive disorder is a quirk. It's not. It's a full-blown mental disorder that gets in the way of the lives of those who suffer through it.

Big Bully

Verdict: Living well is indeed the best revenge, and often its the poor souls who seem to deserve sympathy and love the least that actually need it the most. That said, it does still feel good to tell someone who's made you miserable that you'll pray for them. Because usually they're so stupid that unless they're southern, they won't realize you're throwing shade.

Bad Sex

Verdict: Partners aren't clairvoyant, so if you're not open about what you want, they won't necessarily know, blah blah blah, the answer should be Channing Tatum. Or Chris Hemsworth. How far along are we on human cloning again?

Unfunny Girlfriend

Verdict: Lena Dunham has a perfect response here. This guy needs a new girlfriend — or a better sense of humor himself.


Verdict: Listen, we're all gonna die. Eventually. Except Morgan Freeman, because Morgan Freeman might be God. Anyway, I'm not sure why she didn't tell this guy to get therapy and a hobby so he can be preoccupied with something else that isn't so morbid.

Always Jealous

Verdict: LOL KLONOPIN IS SO FUNNY YOU GUYS! That bit was pretty disappointing given that Dunham took OCD seriously as a mental illness a few clips ago, but whatever. In any case, her advice in this video was sound: You do you and you won't have time nor energy to envy anyone else. Additionally, when people succeed and you're not a c-word about it, they'll be happy to help you.

Too Loud

Verdict: If you have to ask if you're too loud, you're too loud. I almost think she was too nice here, but that may be because I sit across from a guy in my office who never speaks below 90 decibels. Being loud in an office where people are trying to concentrate and work isn't "being you," it's being obnoxious. You can be yourself without being obnoxious. Also, LOL LENA'S SO QUIRKY FOR YELLING "VAGINA!"