4 Ways To Be The Best Girlfriend Your Sports Fanatic Has Ever Had

sports fan love

Dating a sports fan or just a sideline admirer? YourTango's got your back.

It's all but scientifically proven-- sports fans are some of the most intense people on the planet. When it comes to their sport of choice, it can be seriously dangerous if you get between them and their team. They can be vicious, cutthroat and incredibly competitive on game days.

And now you're dating one of them.

Never fear! We always have the answer to any of your dating woes. Even if you're not dating one of these sports lovers (yet), it's just the right time of year to start to get into something new. If you don't know where to start, pick up a genre-bridging book like No Limits by Lori Foster and immerse yourself in the intense world of a sport. The case of No Limits, it's MMA.

For you lovers of sports-lovers, we have four ways you can go above and beyond to become the ultimate sports fan girlfriend or boyfriend.

  1. Merch-maker: Believe it or not, some sports (like MMA, for example) are more underground than you think. There's such a thing as an indie sport! In cases like MMA, you may want to get your sports fan a gift but find that the piece of merchandise you think would be perfect for him actually doesn't exist. In that case, take a quick trip to Michael's, or your earest craft store, and personalize a shirt that includes everything they love about the sport but can't buy in a store. The persoal touch means a lot.
  2. Energizer bunnies. If you're already trying to avoid watching a game or two with Sports Fan, you're missing out. This is what they're most passionate about-- you should revel in that. It means a lot to them when you show you’re interested in what's important, just like you would feel the same if he got involved in your interests. You should both be proud of your own individualism and celebrate that.
  3. Save the date. Yes, there will be times when the big game falls on the exact night you thought you agreed to meet your parents for dinner. Go ahead and nip all of that frustration in the bud. Buy a monthly calendar, put it on the fridge and use it to mark how the sports matches match up with relationship holidays like anniversaries and important dinners. You'll save yourself the confusion when you get your wires crossed about date night and you'll know when the games are coming up so you can surprise your sports fan with their favorite halftime snack.
  4. Let's make a deal. We know, we know-- gambling is bad. But isn't it fun when there's no money involved? Using his favorite sport to make bets with each other can make you more invested in the game… and provide plenty of fun for the rest of the night after! Next time they're glued to the TV, try betting Sports Fan one special favor or chore-exemption that their team doesn't score by the next commercial break. See how invested they gets in you watching the game after that.

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