The Women Looking For Fall Boyfriends On Craigslist Are Spot On

fall leaves

If you're going to put out there your ideal dude, you might as well cover all your bases.

Well, the most wonderful time of the year is upon us, my friends. Labor Day is gone, even though the weather would you have believe otherwise at the moment, and fall, the greatest season of all, is literally just around the corner. With fall comes the usual need for pumpkin spice lattes, cozy sweaters, and a hankering for Saturdays in an apple orchard, picking said apples, then following the fun with some hot apple cider. I mean, isn't that how you, how ALL of us, envision that fall to go down?

For two ladies who posted an ad on Craigslist, this is exactly the type of autumn their looking for, but they won't do it without out boyfriends. So, the women are looking for, none other than, Fall Boyfriends. Who else is going to lend you their sweater and take you on ski trips, if not your Fall Boyfriends? I'll tell you: No one.

The ad, although it’s since been flagged for removal (probably by dudes under 5'11" who were immediately told not to apply if they can't live up to the height standard), is pretty much a work of genius, and basic genius, at that. Along with height requirements Fall Boyfriends must have a "chill" group of guy friends, be pleasant enough that the two ladies will be "able to stand being sober around," have "Driving mocs, Barbour coat, Half-Zips (at least 3, please send pics if possible), Ray-Bans (Wayfarers or Clubmastesr preferred, but open to other styles), loafers, Patagonia vest(s), Vineyard Vines, basketball shorts for me to sleep in," in their wardrobe, and be totally down with the girls get out of their minds, blackout drunk while he watches football every Sunday. You know, because OMG, it's so adorable! Also "Instagramming dish with captions such as 'Fall night with my babe @yourhandle *heart emoji all the fall emojis*'" is a total must. See? I told you it was a work of genius.

Since the ad went pretty much viral the ladies confirmed to BuzzFeed that, yes, it was a parody, "unless [they] find love, and then it's for real," because of course. Who doesn't want a guy over 5'11" in a Patagonia vest who loves the song, "Night Moves?" Yes, that's another requirement. I mean, if you're going to put out there your ideal dude, you might as well cover all your bases and not half-ass it.

Although I had zero clue what Half-Zips were until I Googled it, I think these women are spot on in their attempt to find men. But I have a sneaking suspicion that it's the guys who are the exact opposite of the description in the ad that will be winning the hearts of these ladies. Because, let's be honest, is anyone looking to spend their fall with someone who wears driving mocks and has a penchant for fall emojis? OK, maybe, just maybe.