Are Strange Quirks Endearing Or A Dealbreaker?

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"Dating is hard enough as it is with guys who DON’T have weird hang-ups."

When I wrote about Erica Valentine last week, and her bizarre phobia of kissing, I was shocked to find out such a fear existed. As she described the thoughts that ran through her head when it came to oral hygiene, as someone who’s pretty OCD about things, I could somehow relate, to a small degree.

Fortunately enough for me, I'm not chasing men away with my hang-ups, but I wondered how many people would be chased away from someone who had phobias that they just couldn't get a handle on.

I asked the ladies their thoughts on the subject. Could someone with strange quirks stand in the way of true love for them? Or is there something endearing about the person who washes their hands 30 times a day and follows every sneeze with a knock on wood?

Here's what they had to say.

It all depends on just how "quirky" we're talking…
"I've never dated someone with a severe phobia or OCD, but my husband was convinced for years that he was allergic to seafood. It turns out that he is not, but his aversion to it is SO STRONG that he will literally ask people to not order it if we're in a group at dinner. He won't kiss me if he knows I've eaten sushi unless he also knows I've brushed and rinsed since doing so. It's irritating, but it's like… I'm super irritating, too, so…" says Colleen, 30.

"If their phobia or hang-up interferes with how I do things and keeps me from enjoying life, eating what I want, going outdoors, or traveling, then bye-bye," says, Jen 35.

"It would depend the level of 'quirkiness,' we're talking about. I have a lot of my own weird issues, so dealing with someone else's might be too much to handle," says, Julie, 28.

Considering the possibility of children…
"I dated someone with OCD and as long as he wasn't stressed out, he could manage it with meds, but I think if there wasn’t medication involved, like, this was 1950-something, I'd have to pass. I never saw him at his worst, but what I did see when he was stressed was just not for me. Like, what if we have kids?" asked Aimee, 29.

"I think it’s all about where I am in my life. If I was looking for something serious or casual. Casual, I could deal. Serious, I couldn't because of the kid factor. I have depression and wouldn’t want to pass that along, let alone my man's phobia," says Chelsea, 28.

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"Dating is hard enough as it is…"
"Does he look like Brad Pitt? Is that what you mean by 'quirky' If not, then no. Probably not. Dating is hard enough as it is with guys who DON’T have weird hang-ups," says Kathleen, 30.