10 Shady Purchases He's Hiding From You

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Guns? Car expenses? 10 guys reveal the shady purchases they're keeping from their partners.

Women get a bad rap when it comes to their spending habits, but a recent study says that it's actually the men who have the shadiest shopping track record. When participants were asked if they had ever hidden their spending from their partner, 41 percent of the guys said yes — versus only 22 percent of women!

So, what has your man been hiding from you? If it's anything like what these 10 guys have stashed away, we can only hope that they kept the receipt. Read on to find out what they hid.

1. Car expenses

"I had been talking about getting tinted windows on my new car for months, but every time I bought it up to my girlfriend, she insisted that I'd just end up getting tickets for it. I went and had them done anyway, and on my way home from the shop, I got a ticket. I just couldn't give her the satisfaction of being right. I went back to the shop and had them taken off the next day." -Joe, 32

"Jeep parts. She thought I was spending too much money on my jeep, so I obviously had to get them, not let her see, and then install them before she knew what was up!" -Rob, 25

"I ordered a Tesla and didn't tell my girl about it, because I knew she would hit the roof!" -Dan, 31

2. Bath Accessories

"Coming from a family with three sisters, I was introduced to the magic that is the loofah at an early age. I just bought an economy pack of loofahs off of Amazon at a steal...which my new girlfriend can never know about, for obvious reasons." -Connor, 23

3. Motorcycles

"I bought a motorcycle, but knew my girlfriend wouldn't approve. She wanted to settle down and have kids, but I couldn't give up on the bike. It's my stress relief!" -Dennis, 35

4. Guns

"I bought myself a SAIGA 7.62 AK Rifle. She wasn't into guns, hunting, or any of that, so I just never told her about it." -Chris, 26

5. Video Games

"When World of Warcraft became popular back in highschool, I was way behind all my friends and wanted to play at their level without doing the work. I spent over $200 on an account that someone put up on Ebay just so that I could compete with all my friends. I was way too embarrassed to tell my girlfriend about it." -Tim, 28

"I work online and wanted to start a new website that deals with video games. I already play way too much so I was sure my wife would be upset with me. I ended up buying the website. She knows about it now, but doesn't mind because we actually both ended up making money from it."- Don, 38

6. Concerts

"My mom really, really, really wanted to see Josh Groban in concert. She guilt tripped me everyday until I ended up paying over $400 to take her to this concert for her birthday. I had only just started dating my girlfriend at the time, and telling her that I paid that much money to go see Josh Groban, EVEN if it was for my mom, was just out of the question." -Kyle, 25

7. Thrill-Seeking

"My girlfriend was overly cautious, to the point where she wouldn't even ride roller coasters because she thought they were too unsafe. So when I spent a couple hundred bucks to go skydiving, I thought I was better off not telling her." -James, 27

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