Fire, Cancer And Two Very Determined Brides


What to do when your special day appears shot to hell?

Well brides, we've got some good wedding news, and we've got some bad wedding news.

The happiest day of your life is supposed to go smoothly, right? Error-free, no? One can only hope. In the case of two separate brides making headlines this week, one had a miraculous day, and the other was left in pain.

We'll start with the good news.

A 46-year-old British woman in West Sussex, England suffering from lung cancer was given the ultimate wedding gift by hospital staffers after they heard she was going to delay her wedding for treatment.

Joann Howells was granted an emergency marriage license to marry her fiancé Neil Ward, 45, in the hospital chapel. They even received food, drink and decoration donations from businesses after a local radio station broadcasted the news of their impromptu wedding ceremony! Aww, yay!

"It was so special, just overwhelming, with everybody helping to make our day come together," Joann said of her special day.

Reverend Linda Rowlinson, assistant chaplain, led the service with a message of "love is kind."

"It was a very special day, especially because the bride is so poorly, and knowing the great challenge they are facing in their marriage," Reverend Rowlinson said.

Such a beautiful couple! Joann’s now-husband Neil said, "You don't realize how kind people are until something like this happens. It is really, really amazing!"

We agree, Neil. It is amazing. What a sweet thing for the hospital staff to do!

And now for the bad — but ends well — news.

A Colorado bride and her maid of honor were injured following an apartment fire on days before the wedding. Lenise Ruff and Marilyn Kruc had to make a quick decision: stay in the burning apartment and try to find a way out or jump out the third-story window.

They chose to jump. Both sustained injuries. The bride, Lenise, was burned on her hands and face. Her maid of honor, Marilyn, broke two vertebrae. Despite it all, power bride Lenise went through with the ceremony, and Marilyn was right there with her — using a walker to guide herself down the aisle.

"We rolled with the punches," Lenise said. "This day is something I always looked forward to, but I'm just happy I'm here."

All is well that ends well, right?