Robin Thicke, You're Not Fooling Anyone. You're Creeping Us Out.

Love, Heartbreak

Robin Thicke is creepy as Hell in his new video dedicated to Paula Patton. Give it a rest already!


Robin Thicke released a video for "Get Her Back," a song designed to get his estranged wife Paula Patton back. Except instead of being some grand romantic gesture, it's disgusting. (Need proof? Watch the "Get Her Back" video below if you think you can stomach it.)





There are a few reasons Thicke is gross: His disrespect for Patton's privacy by including what are ostensibly actual text messages in the video shows a lack of discretion (in addition to, pre-split, dishing on their sex life to the press). His visuals, which include ones of him battered, bruised and beaten, insinuate that he's the victim, despite there being numerous cases of photographic evidence showing him getting very cozy with other women throughout his marriage. He feels up on a model while singing about how he needs his wife back in his life.

Robin Thicke is showing, once more, that he is a man who can't take no for an answer, when he continually -- by his own narrative, mind you -- harasses Paula Patton after she leaves him and tells him he has to go, warning her, "This is only the beginning." (The first time he demonstrated the inability to deal with rejection was with "Blurred Lines," a song that basically glorifies date rape. You don't know anyone wants it, son-of-the-dad-on-Growing-Pains, unless she gives you consent. Which she probably won't, because you're creepy as Hell.)

Thicke isn't truly sorry for his behavior, because he's still hiding it. He's sorry he got caught, and he's sorry that Patton had had enough of it. And he doesn't really want Patton back. He does, however, really want publicity for his new album, and he's going about it in an even skeevier way than anyone imagined.

Alan Thicke, come collect your child. We've had enough of him, too.