4 Smart & Free Ways To Get One-On-One Time With Your Husband

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Looking for creative and inexpensive ways to create that alone time?

After the birth of my first son, getting time with my husband was vital to helping me remember that I was a wife too, not just diaper-changer, rocker-to-sleep, and milk truck. After the birth of my third son and an increase in sports and playdates and activities, that time together was important just to help my husband and I have a moment to catch each other up on the parts of our lives that didn't involve the kids.

If you're financially sound enough not to bat an eye for a nice dinner out and paying for a sitter, more power to you. But if you're like me, you're always looking for creative and inexpensive ways to create that alone time, like these ideas:

1. Swapsit. Google informs me that this is not an actual word, but it's the number one way we've managed to get alone time for the last six years. I define "swapsit" this way – "I'll watch your kids if you watch mine." Once a month (and at various other times during the month that come up as well), my neighbor will watch my three boys for an evening so my husband and I can go out, and then later in the month, I return the favor. The kids have a blast and generally entertain themselves and we each get a night out with no money spent on a sitter. I'm lucky that my neighbor lives directly across the street from me, has kids of similar ages to mine, and that the kids are all friends, but this could work just as well if we had to drop the kids off at her house on the other side of town before heading out for the night.

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