Let's Talk About Flex: What Women Really Think … Of Your Muscles

muscle man

Do women dream of rock-hard abs? Or muscles in moderation? The ladies get real about your bod.

Who can forget the Christian Bale's rippling muscles, the abs so tight and washboard, that you could literally clean your clothes on them if you wanted to in the Batman series? And, in contrast, who can forget the huge difference of Bale's physique (and hair) in American Hustle? Would you say you have a preference? While trying to compare the two bodies may seem like an impossible task, it does make one wonder: just how attractive are muscles compared to, well, an average body? Do muscles truly make the man or are they just the icing on the cake and, sometimes, an icing you can do without?

We asked a few women their thoughts on muscles. Is it all about just the right amount of toning, or are we secretly hoping to land a guy that has the body Ryan Gosling rocked in Crazy, Stupid, Love? I mean, let's admit it, just as Emma Stone's character said in the movie, he does looked pretty Photoshopped.

Definition is cool, but be real.

"Definitely not in the bigger is better camp. Definition is nice, but my husband is a little soft around the middle and I like that just fine. Number one, because I'm a lazy f**k and if I was with someone who was a slave to their workout I would hate it because I would feel like I'm constantly being judged for my flabby ass. Gimme a little softness on the belly and I know this is a dude who enjoys a good beer, a good meal, and doesn't waste all his time perfecting his 6-pack, which means he has more time to spend with me," says Colleen, 30.

"Someone who is naturally strong/muscular is great, and being fit is great, but I'm with Colleen — a total gym rat or body builder is not only boring (because would they really have any other hobbies?), but also would have less time to spend with me. Plus, yeah, I would feel like I needed to keep up, and I would prefer to have a life. Even just purely aesthetically speaking, I don't necessarily find body builders hot —  athletes, sure (swimmers, soccer or rugby players, etc.), but generally not body builders. That look of muscle-layered-on-muscles and no body fat is just not all that attractive to me," says Rebecca, 29.

"There's a huge difference between being fit and being insane. If you no longer look like a human, not only am I going to feel inferior, but I'll probably tell you to eat a donut and enjoy life," says Courtney, 30.

"I love muscles in moderation. But I also was attracted to Christian Bales' characters in both those movies, so I’m not sure what that really says. He was totally sexy in American Hustle. Maybe it's because I know he's capable of muscles?" asks Lynne, 36.

No thanks to the excessive stuff.

"I once went out with a guy who loved to worked out, like, obsessively. When we had sex the first time he was so bulked-up and rock-hard that it was really unattractive. He just didn’t look real, like a robot. It was weird and uncomfortable," says Rayne, 29.

"Sure, fit is good, but gratuitous muscles are creepy. I like medium sized to slim/toned muscles, but I understand that everyone has their own idea of what is too much. I like someone who could pick me up, but I don't want the hulk," says Chandra, 28.

In the end, they kind of give us a complex.

"I have to agree with what everyone is saying about how it makes us feel lazy and not good enough about our own bodies. I think that means that those who are rock hard should be with their fellow rock hard counterparts. You know, stick to your own kind or something," says Jennie, 33.

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