Report: Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Marrying This Weekend!

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Nori's parents are ready to make it official.


Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have reportedly nabbed their marriage license and will wed this week in Los Angeles, according to multiple reports. Kimye will officially swap vows in America at a justice of the peace as a matter of formality ahead of their planned lavish nuptials in Paris.

Wait, what? A justice of the peace? No bridezilla moments for Kim? Her business is sharing ALL details of her life, so what's the deal with such modest marriage plans?

As it turns out, the L.A. wedding is merely a legal issue and the pair will hop on a private jet — because of course they will — and head to Paris afterward, which is where the BIG weddings will take place. Yes, weddings, as in plural. But that's actually a formality, too.

We can understand Kimmy's desire to keep the U.S. ceremony low key, what, after her 72-day debacle with Kris Humphries back in 2011. That had to be embarrassing. We had barely recycled her PEOPLE wedding cover before she announced their split.

However, a few weeks ago, Kim did confirm that a spring wedding to her baby daddy Kanye was in the works, but would not share the date. She did shoot down those rumors that the duo would get hitched at Versailles.

But there are also reports that the couple will have three ceremonies in total, since French law requires two ceremonies — one civil ceremony, followed by a religious rite.

The small, intimate ritual is taking place at the behest of the pair's lawyer, who suggested that they avoid red tape regarding their Parisian ceremony by making it official in the U.S. first.

While there are only two nuptials in France, Kim plans three dress changes during her big day in the City of Light.

An insider said, "It will be over the top. Kim and Kanye want it to be the wedding of the century." Sounds about right. They will reportedly do the deed at the 17th-century, Louis XIV-commissioned Chateau de Louveciennes.