'I've Broken My Own Glass Slippers A Million Times ...'

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I called my book I've Never Been to Vegas but My Luggage Has because it is a metaphor for my entire life.

Over the past 35 years, my journey through life has been much like an infamous plane ride I (almost) took to Vegas over a decade ago that puttered its way down the runway but quickly turned back before it could really get off the ground. Complete with a cast of colorful characters that have each revealed a new layer of myself to me; some have built me up, some have torn me down, but ALL have pushed me, challenged me, and molded me into the woman that I am today. With as much excitement and anticipation and fire as a jet hurtling down the runway, the relationships of my life have all been no holds barred, full steam ahead – until something came along and threw a wrench in the plan, and the plane abruptly stopped in mid-course. Sometimes the plane stopped to avoid certain disaster. Sometimes the plane stopped to allow my path to collide with someone's that was meant to leave their fingerprints on my life. And sometimes the plane stopped to teach me a lesson I never could have learned had it actually taken flight. Whatever the detour, roadblock, or stop sign – my life always finds a way to come magically full circle in the most beautiful, entertaining, and sometimes downright hilarious ways. And though many of my adventures have found a way to go horribly awry – never hitting their intended target, but becoming more of a slight breeze than the wind beneath my wings – I have never lost sight of the fact that the journey IS the destination.

Does this cause me to lose hope? Absolutely not. Because in all their anti-climatic glory, my foibles and missteps and wrong turns have pushed me ever-closer to my destiny…just as your own fiascos and flaws are meant to point you to your cause. The people and experiences and lessons I have met along the way have all been guideposts, pointing me in the direction of my own North Star. Some people march toward their destiny in a straight line, never looking right or left, but keeping their eyes straight ahead and on the prize. My journey has been more meandering than marching, with stalled chapters, unexpected plot twists, and dozens of rewrites that have left the ending more than a little uncertain. But this much, I know: Had I have never met these people and lived these wild and crazy moments of highs and lows and pleasures and pains, I would have never met myself. Without more than a few bad dates, I would have never met my fate. Am I the perfect heroine of a modern-day fairytale? No. I've stumbled and fallen and made a fool of myself and given in to fear and acted out of insecurity and made bad decisions and battled my control issues and broken my own glass slippers a million times. But even in the midst of my biggest, most explosive crash landings, I've never given up hope in happy endings. KEEP READING!

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