Would You Trade A Real Relationship For A Virtual One?


The internet has done it again.

Ladies and gentlemen, there is a new trend in the dating world. Instead of going out to meet women, or even trying traditional dating sites like eHarmony or Match, men are now flocking to MyGirlFund.com. The latest in a string of social media-style dating and hookup sites, MyGirlFund is populated by women of all kinds who will chat with any of the many men who are coming back every day. The site hosts about 8,200 women and is picking up about 15,000 men every month.

"MyGirlFund is a fun place to make friends and explore my sexuality. I get to know guys on a deep level and they get to know me. MGF is social networking with your pants off!" So says SweetEmily, the username of one of MGF's ladies. Men can purchase credits and use them any way they see fit, paying the women for their time if they choose (everything is voluntary) or other, more intimate situations. Men have been known to cover a girl's rent in some cases, or help them with school tuition. Though users can hop on a sex cam, and the photos of the women are most definitely intended to be sexual, the most interesting thing to note is the fact that most of the relationships are platonic and based around chats. The women classify their partners as anything from "friends" to "boyfriends". They can also sell what they call "content"; i.e. videos and photos, the graphicness of which is left up to them. However, many of them just engage in down to earth conversations with their partners, some relationships lasting years. One young women has been an active member for three years and is using MyGirlFund to finance her PhD program. It is her only source of income at the moment, and it is sufficient enough to support her and her young child.

While this may be a benficial setup for the women of MGF, sites like this beg the question, why? Why are people so eager to put space between each other? MyGirlFund prohibits users from exchanging personal information (you will never meet your virtual partner). In fact, exchanging any personal information is grounds for being dismissed from the site. So why, when there is no chance of meeting in real life, are people engaging in relationships that have no future? It's clear why at least some of the women are on MGF (certain ladies have reported clearing up to $55,000 annually from the site alone), but for the men who flock to the site to engage with them, one has to wonder why they are hesitant to go out and forge a real connection with another person.

It's not entirely dissimilar to the premise of the film Her, in which a man replaces human intimacy with a "female" operating system. Men and women who are afraid of real, human intimacy are able to connect with other people on sites like MyGirlFund. The site's tagline ("The girl next door is now online") is inviting and seductive all at once, like the women who work on the site. But how far are we willing to go to avoid human interaction? Just because the relationships you can build on a site like this are comfortable and safe doesn't mean they are the divine answer to the hard work you have to put into a real-world partnership.

Let's open up the discussion. What do you all think about MyGirlFund? Is this the way of the future, or just another sugar daddy site? Let us know in the comments. 

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