Infographic: Happy Break Up With Your Ex Day 2014!

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Today's the day to ditch your problematic ex — once and for all!

Sick and tired of obsessing over your ex? Ready to actually move on? Well, guess what? Today is your day. Get off his Facebook page right this instant. It's time to celebrate. Today is the fourth annual Break Up With Your Ex Day!  

Just in time for Valentine's Day (tomorrow, if you can't see what's behind the large "X" you marked over the day) we're encouraging you to begin a clean slate todayYes, today's the day to say sayonara to social-media stalking, revenge sex and looking for "closure", and make room for a healthy, fulfilling relationship — the love life you deserve.

From January 15th through the 31st, we surveyed 1,169 YourTango readers about their post-breakup behaviors and found that 64% of people have obsessed over a past relationship! The good news is that they're ready to ditch 'em. Eighty-six percent agree they'd be better off making a clean break from their exes.

So that's why, for the past two weeks, through our Break Up With Your Ex campaign we've given you all the tools and advice you need to finally sever ties with that old flame who's seriously been holding you back.

See our infographic based off our Break Up With Your Ex survey below too see some of the fascinating things we learned about your breakup behaviors and then join us in defriending, deleting and empowering ourselves to move on today.

You're ditching this ex for good.

What's one thing you're doing today to break up with your ex? Tell us in the comments below.
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