The Secrets To A Happy Relationship? They're In This Infographic

happy couple
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This infographic reveals the science behind the happiest couples.

We're always telling you about the power of love. From how love affects you mentally to how it improves you physically. There's really no doubt about it — love can transform you.

Lower rates of cancer, stronger hearts, less stress — the proven benefits of having a happy, healthy relationship are endless. So why doesn't everyone have a happy relationship? Of course it's easier said than done but there are so many benefits that come from improving your relationship. 

Our friends at Happify, an app that helps you lead a happier life through scientifically-designed activities and games, reminded us what it really means to be in a happy romantic relationship. Just in time for Valentine's Day, they put together an amazing infographic filled with the secrets behind the happiest couples. One you probably never knew? A happy marriage is worth $105,000 compared to being single.

From the things happy couples say to each other to how old their kids are, we now know so much more about what makes a happy relationship.

Take a look at some surprising ones and then see the infographic below.

1. Happy Couples Have Five Positive Interactions For Every Negative One

Don't keep a score board but after a disagreement make a bigger effort to do something positive. Whether it's reminding your partner why you love him or surprising her with breakfast in bed, adding in more positive actions can make a difference — and strengthen your relationship. 

2. Happy Couples Have Sex 2-3 Times A Week

Yes, schedules can be conflicting, meetings run late and you're tired after a long day but intimacy is essential to your relationship. Try and make your goal to have sex 2-3 times a week and you will see a positive change to your relationship. Even once a week gives you a 44 percent boost of positive feelings. Schedule it if you have to — it's worth it.

3. Happy Couples Talk More

Here's a simple one you can start implementing in your relationship right this second. Happy couples spend five more hours a week talking and spending time together than unhappy ones. Date night, anyone?

4. Happy Couples Respond To Their Partner's Triumphs

This sounds like a simple one but did you know it's actually the most crucial factor in strengthening a relationship? Whether she got a promotion or he beat his personal record in a 10K, ask questions, congratulate them, show enthusiasm — your support and positivity means everything to them — and the quality of your relationship.

5. Happy Married Couples Are Child-Free

This one comes based off a 20-year British study of marriages. Surely, not having kids gives couples more opportunity to spend more time together and be more carefree but did you know being childless impacts a relationship this much? For coupes who have kids, 67 percent experienced a drop in marital satisfaction after the birth of their first baby.

See more incredible facts about happy couples in the infographic from Happify below.