10 Valentine's Day Cards That Aren't Cheesy

Valentine's Day Card

Find the perfectly clever way to express your love.

February is here which means that the 14th will be here before you know it. Even if you're not planning to give gifts, Valentine's Day is one of those holidays when giving a card is often warranted. The problem: So many drugstore varieties are super-sappy and, well, lame.

That's we're looking to creative hub Etsy one-of-a-kind cards that are clever, cool, and funny — and will express exactly how you feel.

Scroll through to see 10 perfect cards for every stage of your relationship all from Etsy, so they're handmade and heartfelt.

I Love You A Hole Punch, $; CraftGoblin
Awkward Dating Card, $; emilymcdowelldraws



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