Enter For The Chance To Win A Million Dollar Wedding From BRIDES!


Enter soon! Entries close January 27th, 2014.

Good news for our soon-to-be-married peeps! BRIDES is inviting engaged couples to compete for the chance to star in a million dollar wedding. This is BRIDES Magazine's second annual BRIDES Live Wedding event, and the call for entries is open on brideslivewedding.com. Read on for contest info and rules on how to enter:

When: Deadline- January 27, 2014 (Hurry! It's closing soon!)

Where:  Hopefuls can submit entries on the Brides Live Wedding page: BridesLiveWedding.com

Who: Engaged couples everywhere!

What: Brides Live Wedding's call for entries begins the search for engaged couples who can submit a video detailing their special love story on the Brides Live Wedding Facebook page for the chance to star in a million dollar wedding!

To enter, couples must submit 5 recent  photographs, a two-minute video demonstrating why they deserve to win, and essays of 150 words each answering the following questions:

  • Tell Brides.com about yourselves and what makes you a great couple
  • Tell Brides.com how you knew he or she was the one
  • When and where was the proposal? Did everything go according to plan?
  • Describe a perfect date night (or day). Where would you go and what would you do?
  • Why should you win BRIDES Live Wedding?
  • As a wedding gift, BRIDES will make a donation to the winning couple's favorite charity. Select the charity you would support and why.

Good luck! 

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