A Guide To Fixing Your Lame Dating Profile


Let this infographic guide you to a better dating future.

Your dating profile is active, sure, but is it lame? What's that? It's super awesome? You would think that... because YOU wrote it. Let me ask you: Did you talk about how much you love to travel or use clichés like, I'm looking for a "partner in crime" or "I'm down to earth"? Hello: Why would you want a partner in crime? Commit that felony by yourself; you don’t need to bring someone else into the situation. And everyone is "down to earth". The opposite is "in the earth"; do you want to date someone who is dead? That's gross, and illegal in most states.

Those are a couple examples of just how lame your dating profile may be. Use the following infographic survey to determine your dating profile lameness. Add points for each cliché used, predictable phrase, and lame profile pictures. Calculate your score and determine the action needed to rectify and fix said lameness and start actually getting dates.

Enjoy... and please share with anyone you know who is online dating (which is everyone you've known, ever) so they can fix the lameness of their own profiles.