Oscars 2014! What We Learned From 'August: Osage County'

'August: Osage County'

Think your family is crazy? Think again.

If the holidays left you believing that your family is insane, sit down and prepare yourself for a whole new kind of crazy in August: Osage County.

When their father runs away, Barbara (Julia Roberts) and Karen Weston (Juliette Lewis) return to their childhood home in Oklahoma where their abrasive mother and aunt still reside.

While the movie's love lessons are rather obvious, sometimes those make for the best drama:

Love Lesson: Make sure your boyfriend isn't related to you.

This should go without saying, but Ivy Weston knows she is dating her first cousin in the film. However, what she finds out after sleeping with him multiple times is that her cousin, Little Charles, is actually her half brother. Ick! Unfortunately for her, she finds out the day before she is supposed to move away with him. Let this be a lesson that you should check out your family history before you jump into bed with your first cousin. Naturally.

Love Lesson: Be wary of men with multiple ex-wives.

Clouded by love, Karen Weston is convinced that businessman Steve Heidebrecht is the "perfect man." Been there before? After learning that Karen would be his fifth wife, the audience discovers that Steve is pretty much an awful human being. While sharing a joint with Barbara's 14-year-old daughter, Jean, he attempts to molest her. Many times, there's a reason for his collection of exes — find out why before you fall head over heels.

Love Lesson: Don't bring your cheating ex-husband home with you.

It's not very smart to bring home the man who cheated on you with a much younger woman. It's safe to say that while you may see beyond his infidelities, your family will never be as forgiving. Not surprisingly, Barbara's husband Bill gets exactly what he has coming at the Weston family dinner. Lesson learned.

Love Lesson: Sometimes the people who love you will disappoint you.

Not everything is going to be perfect 100 percent of the time, and this movie is a good reminder that the people in your life are capable of letting you down. However, something to learn here is that your family, no matter how crazy they are, will typically be there through your best and worst moments. Keep that in the back of your mind. 

Love Lesson: Don't lower your standards out of fear.

After the molestation incident, Karen Weston blames Barbara's daughter instead of rightfully standing up to her soon-to-be husband. In a rush, Karen packs her bags and tells Barbara that not everything is black and white — and she needs to be with Steve because of all the lavish things he does for her. Bad idea, Karen, bad idea. It's always better to be alone than with someone of those moral standards.


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