The Top 6 'Clicker Bickers' That Plague Real Couples

The Top 6 “Clicker Bickers” That Plague Real Couples
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Couples quibble over the remote more than anything, says one study. Here are the 6 top TV fights.

A recent 60 Minutes/Vanity Fair poll showed that couples bicker over the remote more than anything else, including notoriously contentious topics such as household chores and shared bathrooms.

For couples, TV time can be a surprisingly weighted topic, given that it means as many different things to people as there are shows on TV. For some it’s mindless entertainment; for others it’s a source of education and inspiration. Plus, with an increasingly “on-demand” mentality, it can feel extra frustrating to have to compromise and not be able to watch what you want, when and how you want it.

With TV programming and viewership at all-time highs, it’s likely the number of TV-related arguments will continue to rise. But because we all have better things to do than squabble over the TV, we've partnered with TiVo to bring you seven common “clicker bickers” couples have as well as some much-needed advice on how to stop having them.

1. The Problem: Dominating the DVR

“It’s a big problem for us,” says Gary F., of Boston, Mass. “Particularly on Sunday nights when I want to tape Homeland and Boardwalk Empire and [my wife] Ethel wants to tape yet another Bravo food or fashion show. She occupies 90% of the DVR memory.”

For Jen S, of Evanston, Ill. her TV-loving husband’s DVR domination affects not only her viewing habits but those of her kids. “Often the girls want to watch a show, but the cable is too busy recording two shows at once. I think I erased one show once, and he got really upset about it. I have kind of given up.”

The Solution: While the obvious solution is a 50/50 compromise (meaning you and your partner each get to watch or record one program within a time slot), one of you may still feel irked about having to miss a show. And that’s where the beauty of technology comes in. TiVo’s all-new Roamio Pro allows users to watch, stream or record up to six shows at a time -- plus it allows users to watch shows via TV or mobile device. Take that, jam-packed Sunday nights!

2. The Problem: Watching a “Show We Watch Together”--Alone

While Katie W., of Chicago, Ill. was putting her daughter to sleep one recent Sunday night, little did she know her husband was watching Homeland without her. They usually watch Homeland together; needless to say, Katie was not pleased. Bobby claims he started the episode rather mindlessly, and then decided to keep watching so he could “screen” it for violence for her. Unmoved, she made him rewatch the episode with her (and says the violence didn’t bother her).

According to couples therapist Dr. Karen Sherman, pulling this move can cause problems because it says to your partner: Our “we” time doesn’t matter. Keep reading...

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